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Taking a South African IT business global in uncertain times

In a local business ecosystem that is fraught with both political and economic uncertainty, companies are under pressure to innovate and expand with few resources. For many SA businesses, and particularly those in the fast moving and highly competitive world of IT, forming strong international partnerships is a savvy – but difficult – way of injecting new energy and IP into local operations. But f... »

Artificial Intelligence

How to prepare for Artificial Intelligence in the workplace

Artificial Intelligence (AI)—including robotics and cognitive computing—has been one of the top discussions on the minds of business leaders, organisations and consumers in the past few months. Mark Zuckerberg once said his personal challenge is to build an assistant powered by AI to help him at home and at work, while Toyota is developing a billion-dollar driver assistance system that integrates ... »

financial crime trends

How to stop security investments going south

As the turn of a new year approaches, so too does the time for gym managers to rub their hands together with glee, watching streams of well-intentioned patrons pour in with wallets in hand, ready to embark on their fitness journey – I did this last year, they say to themselves, but 2017 is the year. We’ve all been there; the feeling of satisfaction for finally getting around to it, feeling fitter ... »

Alcatel Plus 10

Alcatel launches cost-conscious 2-in-1 device

Alcatel has officially launched its latest cost-conscious device, the Alcatel Plus 10. According to the company, the latest 2-in-1 device is priced at a recommended retail price (RRP) of R3559 and runs the latest version of Windows 10 and comes with LTE Connectivity. Alcatel further revealed that the device comes standard with multiple ports, which include a USB port, micro USB port, and a micro H... »

Google fine

Google unveils 2 new smartphones under Pixel brand

Google has revealed two new smartphones, which will fall under its Pixel brand. According to the firm, the Pixel and Pixel XL are currently available for preorder online in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, and the UK. The firm revealed that the starting price of the devices will begin at USD 649. Both devices will come standard with two new Google products, which come in the form of the Daydrea... »

alcatel move track & talk

Keep track of your child with the Alcatel Move Track & Talk

Alcatel has launched the Alcatel Move Track & Talk watch in South Africa – a wearable, GPS-connected device which, according to the company, allows kids to communicate with pre-approved contacts and which gives parents peace of mind. “We’re excited to lead the way in the market for kids’ wearables with this new smartwatch,” said Ernst Wittmann, Regional Manager for Southern Africa at ALC... »

HTC expands Desire range with new smartphones

HTC expands Desire range with new smartphones

HTC has unveiled two new smartphones, the HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle and the HTC Desire 10 Pro. According to the company, the HTC Desire Lifestyle is a mid-range phone, which is set to launch at a recommended retail price (RRP) of EUR349/GBP249/R4482. The Android 6.0 powered smartphone features a 5.5-inch screen, which comes with a resolution of 720p. To add to the specs, the device also features a 1... »

bmw i8

Video: OpenNetworks CEO discusses Business transformation utilising the BMW i8

The BMW i8 is different. It is a new take on the concept of sports car – one that allows you to have your cake and eat it.  It is a petrol – electric hybrid that with a tiny combustion engine in the back and an electric motor in the front. The result is a car that outperforms many super-cars and uses less petrol than a Mini. But all of this is still missing the point with the i8. The p... »

Artificial Intelligence

Could you lose your job to a robot?

With many of today’s jobs beginning to lose relevance in a world increasingly dominated by new technologies, the challenge facing anyone at the beginning of their career is studying something that will match the demand for jobs of the future, while developing the skills necessary to succeed in the modern workplace. 65 percent of current students will end up in jobs that have not even been invented... »

MediaFirst TV

Ericsson and Google partner to deliver MediaFirst TV Platform

Ericsson and Google are set to partner in order to extend the reach of the Ericsson cloud-based MediaFirst TV Platform into the Android TV ecosystem, Google’s operating system for the set-top-box. Ericsson MediaFirst is a software-defined, media-optimised end-to-end portfolio suite for the creation, preparation, management and delivery of next-generation pay-TV to any screen with an immersiv... »

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