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SA industrial facilities at risk of cyber attacks

With international analysts warning of a growing risk of cyber war, sabotage and espionage impacting industrial and mining facilities, South African stakeholders must step up their efforts to mitigate risk. This is according to GECI, an international tactical cyber security specialist now launching its portfolio of cyber security solutions in South Africa. After Europe, GECI has chosen to expand i... »


Kaspersky Lab uncovers critical vulnerability in Windows OS

Kaspersky Lab’s automated technologies have detected a previously unknown vulnerability in Microsoft Windows. It was exploited by an unidentified criminal group in an attempt to gain full control over a targeted device. The attack was aimed at the core of the system – its kernel – through a backdoor constructed from an essential element of Windows OS. Backdoors are an extremely dangerous type of m... »

Cyber Security

The criminals have a roadmap in place, do you?

Organisations that do not have a clear longer-term security roadmap in place are putting themselves at risk of being compromised. It is the companies that are already investing in tomorrow’s tools to solve today’s problems that will survive the ongoing onslaught to circumvent security solutions. This is the view of Jon Tullett, research manager – IT Services for Sub-Saharan Africa at International... »

it security

Trusted MSPs should be utilised to assist in protecting businesses

The Kaspersky Lab IT Security Risks Survey 2017 highlighted that 42% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) and 51% of enterprises indicated that they worked with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in 2017. This suggests that businesses are starting to realise that MSPs can be a helping hand towards enhancing their IT security. A trusted MSP is vital in remotely managing the IT infrastructure of an o... »

Your business may be battling to compete because of this common misperception

NukeBot designed to steal credentials of online banking customers

Kaspersky Lab researchers have detected NukeBot – new malware which has been designed to steal the credentials of online banking customers. Earlier versions of the Trojan were known to the security industry as TinyNuke, but lacked the features necessary to launch attacks. The latest versions however, are fully operable, and contain code to target the users of specific banks. Although the appearanc... »


Protect Yourself From Hackers With These Top Security Tips

Did you know that 56% of all data breaches in 2016 began with a user clicking on a phishing email, giving hackers access to a corporate network? Everyone has something of value to a cybercriminal. Don’t take the bait – always stop and think before you act. Here are some cyber-safe tips to think about: 1. In public How the hackers do it Man-in-Middle attack: Using a special software, a hacker inser... »

Petya attack

Petya attack points to alarming trend in cybercrime

Another major cyberattack named Petya has been wreaking havoc across the world, highlighting the need for greater focus on cybersecurity education. The cyberattack originated in the Ukraine going on to cause major disruption across the globe. It has hit major infrastructure in the areas where it has spread, with security experts speculating that it might be functioning in a similar manner to the i... »


Ransomware: An Evolving Threat for Developed Markets

Mobile ransomware actors are focusing their attacks on wealthy countries. Developed markets not only have a higher level of income, but also a more advanced and more widely used mobile and e-payment infrastructure. According to Kaspersky Lab’s annual ransomware report for 2016-2017, this is appealing to criminals because it means they can transfer their ransom in just a couple of taps or clicks. K... »


Hackers deliberately targeting data that causes emotional distress

Hackers are increasingly relying on patients’ emotional distress at having their intimate and sensitive details shared to manipulate them into giving in to their demands, says Martin Walshaw, senior engineer at F5 networks. The recent cyberattack on a Lithuanian cosmetic surgery clinic is evidence of a new trend in cybercrime – one in which hackers threaten to expose their victims’ most intimate a... »


Kaspersky Cyber Security Weekend Reveals Cybersecurity Trends in the META Region

At the Kaspersky Lab Cyber Security Weekend, which took place on April 26-29 in Vienna, Kaspesky Labs’ experts gave an overview of global and regional cyber threats and security trends, discussed the main threat vectors affecting businesses in the region, particularly organisations from industrial and financial sectors. Special attention was paid to protection of connected devices used by in... »

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