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Internet of Things

Navigating a successful journey toward IoT and Big Data in the Cloud

It is predicted that by 2020, 25 billion devices will be connected to IoT and 600 zettabytes of information will be sitting in the cloud. The cloud is the big enabler if you want to leverage the new IoT economy in business. Cloud has created the capacity, scalability and agility needed for business to build insight from masses of new data into their decision-making, customer experiences and busine... »


IoT.nxt secures R100m funding

The UK and European markets offer very exciting opportunities for the IoT.nxt Internet of Things solution. Those markets are certainly a little further with regards to adoption but South Africa is rapidly catching up, and in some instances ahead of global companies. We have very forward thinking business leadership in South Africa and they understand the  key role the technology will play in unloc... »

Smart Classroom

The future of smart classrooms: To 6 key trends for 2017

The speed at which mobile devices, mobile apps, and IoT are entering the market is rapid, and with that it is no surprise we are seeing the classroom as an early adopter of this technology. With mobile devices at the heart of how this generation interacts, it naturally falls to schools to pioneer mobile innovation and enable learners to have a more enhanced learning experience. To do this, they mu... »

Internet of Things

Is your business ready for the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) will transform your business. Heard it all before? The explosion of connected devices and the increasing number of businesses embracing them for mainstream operations, has meant that analysts are now estimating that over 20 billion “things” could be circulating by 2020. But, how will it transform business as we know it. We have all seen the seismic shift in how mobile ... »

Internet of Things

Top 5 ways the Internet of Things has changed business

Great agility, more productivity and an engaged workforce. These are just some of the benefits brought about by the Internet of Things (IoT), says Agnat Max Makgoale, CEO of Vula Telematix – and that’s just the beginning. The advantages of enhanced connectivity is changing our business environment in other ways, too. As the chief player in the rollout of Machine Network SA, the first wireless netw... »

The road to 5G and challenges ahead

Top Trends for 2017 in the Identity Technology Industry

HID Global forecasts a shift in the use of identity technology that will lead to increased adoption of mobile devices and the latest smart card technology, a greater emphasis and reliance on the cloud, and a radical new way of thinking of trust in smart environments and Internet of Things (IoT). Ultimately, HID Global predicts the 2017 trends will transform the way trusted identities are used with... »


Telcos risk becoming single-digit-margin businesses if they don’t keep up

Over the past two decades, the telecommunications industry has been driven by new and faster technology, coupled with strong demand for connectivity—moving from the wireline arena to the mobile boom, and finally to the convergence of voice and data services.  While this period was largely characterised by fast growth and high margins, telecommunications operators (telcos) risk becoming single-digi... »

Unlocking the power of personalisation through in-store Wi-Fi

The Internet of Things could be a driver of innovation for SMEs too

The Internet of Things is not only for big businesses – it will also create a wealth of opportunities for smaller enterprises to transform their business processes, drive efficiency and become more productive. Those that seize the initiative can get a competitive advantage. That is according to Ernst Wittmann, Regional Manager for Southern Africa at Alcatel. He says that with the cost and size of ... »


What threatens the Internet of Things?

Things in life are getting more complex. With the growth of smart devices and the increasing reliance on applications, cybercriminals continue to target online vulnerabilities. A recent Threat Analysis Report by F5 Labs, in conjunction with Loryka, reveals how the latest cyber weaponry exposes weaknesses in the use of the internet and where intelligent data science is keeping online enemies close ... »

Internet of Things

IoT expected to change African landscape of data communications

Eseye, a global provider of intelligent connectivity for IoT, says that the IoT has the ability to fundamentally change the landscape of data communications and utilisation across the continent. Having recently appointed its first regional director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Jeremy Potgieter, Eseye says that Africa has unique challenges that can be effectively addressed by IoT. Stephen Stewart, regio... »

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