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Yodiwo SA and Cold Tech Marketing ink strategic IoT partnership

Yodiwo South Africa, an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT), mobile solutions and IoT-as-a-service provider, and Africa representative of Yodiwo AB, creator of the state-of-the-art Yodigram solution for in-store analytics, has formed a strategic partnership with Cold Tech Marketing.  This partnership is set to revolutionise the smart retail sector in South Africa with intelligent IoT platform... »

Internet of Things

What happens after all the devices are connected to the Internet of Things?

Has anyone thought about what happens after all the devices are connected to the Internet of Things? Is your business driving change or being driven by it? This is the question that should be powering your business mindset in a digital world that’s swallowed by innovation and exponential change. Anything that cannot be digitised or automated is about to become extremely valuable. Computers can sim... »


Mind your business of IoT

We need to be careful of futuristic, science project, pie in the sky promises regarding IoT. The technology is not just about devices that can collect data and display it on a dashboard, it is about delivering outcomes that produce measurable monetized business value. This value needs to translate into money by either reducing costs, improving efficiencies or increasing income. Aggregated survey r... »

Internet of Things

Is IoT risky business?

Where there is technology at play, you can be pretty sure there will be associated risks and the Internet of Things (IoT) has not been immune to these. The initial risk the IoT industry faced was that they would move too fast and technology adoption would outpace security. According to Jon Tullett, research manager – IT Services for Sub-Saharan Africa at International Data Corporation (IDC) that i... »

Internet of Things

IOT explained for the CFO in six short words

When you boil it right down, the primary responsibility of the corporate Chief Financial Officer (CFO) comes down to a few short words. “Allocate resources well, reduce waste and manage risk”. For CFOs and the finance leadership in organisations, someone raising the overhyped term “Internet of Things (IoT)” has most likely returned only sighs and eye-rolls. Most finance executives have seen too ma... »

The CIO will govern – 2019 predictions

The Internet of Things can transform business and process if done with intent

South Africa is already past the Internet of Things (IoT) hype cycle and well into the mainstream. Projects and pilots are already becoming a commercial reality, tying neatly into the 2017 IDC prediction that 2018 would be the year when the local market took IoT mainstream. Over the next 12-18 months, it is anticipated that IoT implementations will continue to rise in both scope and popularity. Al... »

Internet of Things

SqwidNet to drive IoT entrepreneurship in South Africa

There is no doubt that entrepreneurial activity in South Africa is growing. According to the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s (GEM) report, total early-stage entrepreneurial activity is up 4.1 percentage points from 2016. With unemployment in the country sitting at 26.7%, entrepreneurs play a crucial role in creating new employment opportunities and stimulating economic activity. That said... »

IoT is real and can drive real results today

IoT is real and can drive real results today

The Internet of Things (IoT) can transform business and create innovative new revenue streams. While the demand for IoT is certainly growing, most providers are still far too focused on the technology and not communicating the business value proposition to their clients. This means that they are not translating IoT solutions into tangible business value for their clients, and that is slowing down ... »

Internet of Things

Internet of Things: Pandora’s Box or enterprise enabler?

The enterprise remains wary of investment into the Internet of Things (IoT). There are key inhibitors to adoption that affect its efficiency, impact, and availability. This doesn’t mean that IoT isn’t on the cusp of widespread adoption in South Africa or that it will stay stuck in the grip of hype quicksand, it just means that both vendor and enterprise need stronger value propositions and provabl... »

internet of things

5G will bring the Internet of Things to life

By now, many of us have heard about the Internet of Things – the trend that sees sensors and Internet connectivity embedded into just about every device and tool we use on a daily basis in both our personal and professional lives. From smart thermostats and LED lighting in your home to an array of instruments in your car to fitness wearables – the IT industry is connecting just about everything yo... »

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