What does data privacy mean for your business?

Get ready to change your passwords again. There’s been yet another massive data breach, this time in the form of Facebook having stored millions of user passwords in plain text format. Is it any wonder that some of the questions I get asked most nowadays are around data privacy regulations? If the world’s biggest companies are struggling, what hope do the rest of us have of getting it right? Data ... »


Post-GDPR era: What you need to know

So far, for most of us the most visible sign of the GDPR taking effect is the number of emails requesting that you either review the organization’s revised data privacy policy and/or explicitly opt-in in to continue to receive information from the organization. An interesting side-effect that has occurred as a result of the GDPR is the number of non-EU websites which have decided to block their co... »


GDPR: What does it really mean?

While the GDPR seems to have “snuck up” on the average user, as well as the typical organization, the impact of what it was supposed to do was very much brought to the forefront just before the May 25, 2018 effective data by the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook incident, where 87 million Facebook users personal data was secretly harvested for political purposes in 2016. Although unfortunate, here ... »

Industrial Automation In Data Centers – Infrastructure Of Tomorrow And Beyond

Why is data protection so important?

A lot has been said and written about the GDPR from a multitude of perspectives: analysis of its many articles, projections into the potential impact of the regulation and more than a fair share of dire predictions and claims about how an organization’s GDPR compliance efforts could simply be resolved by investing in product “X”. Now that May 25, 2018, has come and gone without the world having co... »