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The five pathways to the digital enterprise

Digital transformation isn’t a buzz word because it sounds nice and looks good on the business CV. It is fundamental to long-term business success. IDC anticipates that 75% of enterprises will be on the path to digital transformation by 2027.  However, digital transformation is not a process that ticks a box and moves to the next item on the agenda – it is defined by the organisation’s shift ... »

Brad Pulford, Channel Lead, Dell EMC South Africa

Companies now want to see digital action

South Africa is absolutely becoming a digitally maturing market. We can no longer talk about just early adopters or the few taking the lead in the digital revolution. For years Dell EMC and its peers have been sharing the message of digital transformation: why it is important and how far its impact reaches. It took a while for that message to resonate, but today there is clearly a lot of change ha... »

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Top 4 starting points to turn your organisation into a digital business

Did you know that your chances of surviving a heart attack are higher in Copenhagen, Denmark? That’s because emergency dispatchers in Copenhagen now use a virtual agent to them help identify cardiac arrests. Although human dispatchers alone recognise cardiac arrests 73% of the time, initial data shows that the virtual agent plus a human dispatcher recognises cardiac arrests 95% of the time. This i... »

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Nine priorities to get you on the road to digital transformation

According to a recent survey by E-consultancy, customer experience will overtake price and product specifications as the key brand differentiator by 2020. Add to this the fact that customers are more digital than ever, demanding an omni-channel interaction model with products and services tailored specifically for them, and it’s safe to say that we are living in the era of the digitally evolved cu... »

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Putting Agility into South Africa’s Digital Transformation

Companies in South Africa are increasingly under pressure to deliver digital solutions and services. Danny Drew, Managing Director for Avaya South Africa, explains how agile processes can help them deliver these faster Traditionally, agility was not usually a word readily associated with Africa’s technology market: the continent was seen as lagging far behind others in adopting new solutions. Toda... »

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South African companies need to adopt a ‘digital first’ mind-set

While business expectations of digital investment are higher than ever, few companies are able to translate their investments into enhanced financial performance and new business growth. This is according to Accenture’s Digital High Performance research, an analysis of more than 1,200 companies, which reveals that only a few companies worldwide are able to leverage their investments in digital cap... »

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Technology trends driving 2017 – A digital focus

For many, 2016 was a year that was less about technological innovation and more about businesses embracing the digital revolution. Information security, mobile, cloud technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are just some of the concepts that took centre stage last year as they finally entered mainstream business in South Africa, as businesses globally continued to embrace digital. However, ... »

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5 factors behind digital transformation success

The pace and scale of change that digital technology is enabling means organisations must adapt to remain relevant. And they must use digital technology to do so. In short, digital transformation is now a business imperative. The form this takes will vary widely, but the majority of enterprises will overhaul their digital customer interfaces, along with the customer engagement systems behind them.... »

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Public private partnerships required to realise true potential of digitisation

The evolving demands of the ever-discerning consumer continue to give impetus to the private and public sector to offer customised digitisation solutions that meet their needs, David Mphelo, General Manager for Public Sector at MTN Business, told delegates at the Public Sector ICT Forum in Johannesburg. Mphelo said that as the industry is battling with the full implementation of the IT buzzwords t... »