Bravado unveils its first Fortnite team

They have been blazing trails in Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and FIFA. Now South Africa’s top esports group, sponsored by Dell, Alienware and Intel, has expanded into one of the biggest competitive games on the planet. Bravado Fortnite will officially launch at the upcoming Dell Technologies Forum, on 27 June at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. Attendees will be ab... »

Digital Transformation Index

South Africa among the global trailblazers for digital businesses

Companies across the globe are scrambling to understand and implement the benefits of modern digital technologies. Forbes has called this revolution a top business priority, adding that “organizations believe that by 2020, nearly half their revenue will be impacted by digital in some way.” These technologies are not nice-to-have but fundamentally challenge and alter how companies operate. From emp... »

Brad Pulford, Channel Lead, Dell EMC South Africa

Companies now want to see digital action

South Africa is absolutely becoming a digitally maturing market. We can no longer talk about just early adopters or the few taking the lead in the digital revolution. For years Dell EMC and its peers have been sharing the message of digital transformation: why it is important and how far its impact reaches. It took a while for that message to resonate, but today there is clearly a lot of change ha... »

Chris Buchanan, Client Solutions Director at Dell EMC South Africa

Women in tech are overcoming the odds with determination and drive

South Africa is celebrating Women’s Month, showcasing its heroines, reflecting on their struggles and triumphs. In honour of Women’s Month, Dell EMC is showcasing eight of the extraordinary women who work in its South African operations. Doreen Kekana, Large Enterprise ASR, Dell EMC South Africa and Carolyn Arnold, Legal Counsel for Dell EMC South Africa could not look more different, on the surfa... »

Khulisa Academy

Khulisa Academy: Creating the future with today’s talent

If you break down the definition of Industry 4.0, it holds that there have already been three industrial revolutions. The first was the introduction of industry’s ingredients, such as mechanisation and steam power. The second was the adoption of electricity and the arrival of mass production. Third came the computers and the start of modern automation. The first and second revolutions have somethi... »

bravado female gaming team

Dell study discusses the art of female gaming

eSports is one of the fastest growing sporting sectors and could be worth over US$5 billion globally by 2020. But this is not the most interesting aspect of this fast-rising and highly competitive world. Instead, eSports – the competitive play of certain video games for prizes – is proving to be a great magnet for women. According to a PWC study, even though the gender split among game... »


How smart design can solve the E-Waste challenge

Global concern about the mountains of e-waste generated every year has been rising for quite some time – and with good reason: In 2014, the United Nations estimated that humans produced 41.8 million metric tons of electronic waste. That’s 92 billion pounds – and even though IT products made up just 7 percent of that waste, that still represents almost 6.5 billion pounds of waste our industry gener... »


The Future is Hyper-Converged, starting today

Do you put your smartphone together piece by piece? Does your new car arrive in boxes and instructions to assemble? Did you cut, measure and sew your own clothes? There is certainly something to be said for a hand-crafted marvel, an object unique among its peers. In the right circumstances these show class, sophistication and a taste for the finer things. But they come at a cost and do not even ma... »

Startup Challenge

78% of businesses feel threatened by digital start-ups

78% of businesses believe digital start-ups will pose a threat to their organisation, either now or in the future… This is according to new research by Dell Technologies. This phenomenon is propelling innovative companies forward and accelerating the demise of others. Almost half (45%) of global businesses surveyed fear they may become obsolete in the next three to five years due to competit... »


How to attract and retain millennials in a tech-driven global workplace

Millennials – those born between 1980 and 2000 – will soon outnumber Generation X workers and will form 50% of the global workforce by 2020. As more than one-fourth of millennial workers assume management positions, it’s fair to say that they will shape future workspaces and, based on the findings of the recent Dell and Intel Future Workforce Study, they already have solid ideas of what that works... »

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