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Record level of vulnerabilities sparks cybersecurity innovation among global enterprises

Record level of vulnerabilities sparks cybersecurity innovation among global enterprises

Dimension Data, the USD 8 billion global technology integrator and managed services provider for hybrid IT, has revealed exclusive findings from its Executive Guide to NTT Security’s 2019 Global Threat Intelligence Report concerning the cybersecurity maturity of organisations across a number of markets and sectors. Globally, the average cybersecurity maturity rating stands at a worrying 1.45 out o... »

Cyber Security

Big Business or SME: We All Need 21st Century Data Security

Technology created and widely adopted in the 21st century has undoubtedly made our lives easier. It means everyday activities like banking are far less tedious and time-consuming, and that complex, more specialised tasks, like managing a company’s finances, are simplified. However, along with the benefits of convenience and efficiency, comes an element of risk for all businesses making the most of... »

Petya attack

Shehab Najjar Discusses Keeping an Eye on Cyber Attacks

Shehab Najjar was appointed Head of the Cyber Counter Terrorism Unit for CYBERPOL in 2016. His responsibilities include monitoring the World Wide Web to track malevolent and terrorist websites and IPs containing illegal or harmful content capable of affecting the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users, as well as other special tasks. Shehab is the official represent... »

kaspersky lab

Austria: Kaspersky Lab releases a major update of its Anti Targeted Attack Platform

At the Kaspersky Lab Cyber Security Weekend, Kaspersky Lab revealed its renewed Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform, which is according to the company is a solution that has been designed to detect advanced threats and targeted attacks for enterprises. The solution blends advanced machine learning algorithms, actionable worldwide threat intelligence and adaptivity to customer infrastructure, t... »

smart cities

Growth of smart cities leads to growth of attack surface

Smart cities are being planned the world over. Technology development always goes through two phases for any new discipline: First – tools are developed, and infrastructure is built and enabled. And second – the technology is scaled up. In the case of smart cities, we are in the first phase, where many of the kinks and challenges are still being ironed out. Here are some examples of services a sma... »

threat vectors

Main threat vectors for Europe revealed

Kaspersky Lab held its annual European Cyber Security Weekend in Malta from 20 to 23 October. The event brought together company experts, guest speakers from the Dutch National Police, journalists and business guests from all over the region, as well as Israel and South Africa. This year, one of the main topics of the conference was ransomware – a threat that poses severe risks to the finances and... »


StrongPity traps thousands of users in search of encryption

A stealthy threat actor known as StrongPity has spent the European summer luring users of encryption software to its watering holes and infected installers, according to a paper presented at Virus Bulletin by Kaspersky Lab security researcher, Kurt Baumgartner. Users in Italy and Belgium were hardest hit, but people in Turkey, North Africa and the Middle East were also affected. StrongPity is a te... »


The elderly named very attractive targets for cybercriminals

The latest research from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International has raised concerns about the safety of over-55s online. The findings of the research, in a report entitled: ‘Older and wiser? A look at the threats faced by over-55s online,’ demonstrates that this age group can behave insecurely online and often become victims of fraud. The findings are worrying because the research, which questioned 1... »

Unlocking the power of personalisation through in-store Wi-Fi

Network Access policy updates crucial to avoid attack of IoT devices

By 2020, 21 billion of Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be in use worldwide. Of these, close to 6 percent will be in use for industrial IoT applications. However, IT organisations have issues identifying these devices and characterising them as part of current network access policy, said Gartner, Inc. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders must therefore update their network access p... »


Cybercriminals recruit insiders to attack telecoms providers

Cybercriminals are using insiders to gain access to telecommunications networks and subscriber data, recruiting disaffected employees through underground channels or blackmailing staff using compromising information gathered from open sources – according to a Kaspersky Lab intelligence report into security threats facing the telecommunications industry. Telecommunications providers are a top... »

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