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Deploy a private cloud to minimise losses

The past month has focused the spotlight sharply on the necessity to deal with the real possibility of having loss of access to one’s data. Locally, load shedding challenged business continuity and made prospering in a tough market even more difficult. Globally, the public cloud – namely Gmail and Google Drive – were affected by service disruptions, going down on March 13th for approxi... »

Modern-day Cloud: Casting a broad appeal across the business

Modern-day Cloud: Casting a broad appeal across the business

By 2020, analysts are predicting that businesses worldwide will spend over a Trillion dollars on the Cloud. This number reflects just how dominant Cloud has become in the world of enterprise technology. Cloud has been by far the most disruptive technology and important driving force in enterprise IT in recent times, completely changing how applications are developed and consumed, and also changing... »

cloud computing

Africa needs an African cloud

For organisations in Africa to truly reap the benefits of cloud and shared data centre services, local data centres need to be developed and deployed. This will not only address the issue around data sovereignty, but also stimulate local economic development and improve the lives of citizens using by widely adopting this technology. This is the view of Mohamed Abdelrehim, Head of Solutions and Bus... »

Bloodhound Project

Bloodhound Project teams up with Oracle to smash the land speed record

The Bloodhound Project has teamed up with Oracle to smash the land speed record and inspire future generations of budding scientists and engineers. As Bloodhound’s new Cloud partner, Oracle will provide technology to help Bloodhound collect, analyse and broadcast data from more than 500 sensors installed on the Bloodhound SSC (Super Sonic Car) to classrooms around the world. This information gives... »

digital transformation

Can data storage and recovery drive digital transformation?

Digital transformation is fast becoming an over-used term; the likely reason being that it is a catch-all phrase which means different things to different people, or organisations. For many, digital transformation can be summed up as any migration to Cloud solutions. However, for others it means leveraging any new or emerging technology to evolve one’s business. Yet, digital transformation can als... »

Modern-day Cloud: Casting a broad appeal across the business

Beware the hype around hybrid cloud computing

Everything-as-a-Service is where cloud services seem to be going and one of the main drivers of this is the emerging hybrid cloud. But, Andrew Cruise, managing director, Routed, a neutral cloud provider, says that true hybrid cloud solutions have not yet been implemented in South Africa. He says this, after launching Routed, which is focused on building and developing secure, reliable and robust c... »

Cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure reality is outperforming perception

Businesses are rapidly embracing cloud infrastructure (IaaS) to boost performance and innovation levels, new research from Oracle has revealed.  While negative perceptions around security, complexity and loss of control still present barriers to adoption, they are shown to be outdated myths, with those that have moved to IaaS proving the reality is far more positive. Two thirds (66%) of businesses... »

cloud computing

SA Government’s Cloud pledge: A huge step for citizen engagement

Government’s recent announcement to decisively embrace Microsoft’s Cloud Productivity (Office 365) tools will have a very positive impact on service delivery and governance. The CEO of the State IT Agency (SITA), Dr Setumo Mohapi, confirmed a Master Agreement with Microsoft, to standardise on Office 365 across all government departments and institutions. National Treasury Circular 11 defines the d... »

Internet of Things

Navigating a successful journey toward IoT and Big Data in the Cloud

It is predicted that by 2020, 25 billion devices will be connected to IoT and 600 zettabytes of information will be sitting in the cloud. The cloud is the big enabler if you want to leverage the new IoT economy in business. Cloud has created the capacity, scalability and agility needed for business to build insight from masses of new data into their decision-making, customer experiences and busine... »

digital transformation

Digital transformation does not happen haphazardly

South African businesses, like millions worldwide are embracing digital technologies with fervor. They bring seemingly endless opportunities to streamline workflows, increase productivity, enhance customer interactions, improve agility and increase competitiveness. However adopting cloud, big data, mobile and social technologies haphazardly comes with risks. “Most things come together with a plan.... »

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