Global study reveals UAE tops list in Middle East for most employee data leaks

Digital Shadows, a provider of cyber situational awareness, released its Compromised Credentials research paper which analyzed the largest 1,000 companies listed on the Forbes Global 2000. The report found that 97 percent of those companies, spanning all businesses sectors and geographical regions, had leaked credentials publicly available online, many of them from third-party breaches. Credential... »


Can BYOD sharpen the line between work and home?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) schemes – whether officially or unofficially – have slowly but surely been adopted by firms globally. Doubts about security and privacy, when it comes to accessing both corporate and personal data via the cloud, have largely been outweighed by the productivity and culture benefits that the BYOD revolution offers organisations. The basics of a solid corporate BYOD polic... »

Veeam Software

Veeam Software targets Africa for growth

Veeam Software has completed the relocation of its new South African offices in Bryanston following – according to the company – a period of significant growth in the local market. The new office is also the headquarters for Veeam in Africa. “The ultra-modern and spacious new offices will provide us with a more effective base to service our partners and customers,” says Claude Schuck, ... »

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