ubisoft star wars

Ubisoft to collab with Lucasfilm Games on new Star Wars games

Ubisoft is collaborating with Lucasfilm Games on a new story-driven open-world video game set in the beloved Star Wars galaxy.  Headed by Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft’s studio based in Malmö, Sweden, the project gathers some of the most experienced, innovative talent in the video games industry and will make the most of Massive’s cutting-edge technologies, including the Snowdrop engine, to deliv... »

Assassin's Creed Valhalla review

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Review

Now you may be wondering why this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla review is coming just a few days after the embargo lifted… well, it’s because not only did I come across a number of bugs and glitches in the Vanilla build, but I also wanted to see how the game was improved after the day one patch as well as see how it performed on both the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X. During my ti... »

xbox series s

The Xbox Series S is a Smart buy for gamers who don’t have a 4K TV

In just a few days, gamers will be able to buy one of the two new Xbox Series Consoles… the Xbox Series X and S. Don’t forget, we don’t get paid for this. So, please, pop us a little something via PayPal by clicking here. While the Series X hits the wallet hard, Ian Hepplewhite, CEO of Xbox Distributor Prima Interactive, states that: “The ideal package may be the Series S – priced at R... »


Skyworth’s new products aimed at gamers

Among top technology and lifestyle media, in one of the country’s first truly smart homes and, online, global television brand, Skyworth, launched the SXC9800, a television with gaming-level specifications. As the first television company to introduce both Android and AI TV in the country, the exclusive event was highly anticipated, and guests were not disappointed. Besides the showcase of the SXC... »

rAge Digital Edition

rAge Digital Edition: All the details you need

rAge Expo is turning 18. And an entirely new experience is coming this year, as rAge comes to life online. The re-imagined rAge Digital Edition is for everyone – no matter where you are. You can now experience rAge from anywhere in South Africa or the world. And you can book your free ticket now. Don’t forget, we don’t get paid for this. So, please, pop us a little something via PayPal by clicking... »

summer of nerf

It’s the Summer of NERF

Things are heating up in South Africa… and not just the heatwave. The awesome folks down at Nerf wanna get you outside for some pretty wicked challenges. From 26 October Nerf is offering fans 4 weeks of action-packed challenges that can easily be done from the comfort of your home. Each week there will be prizes up for grabs with one ultimate grand prize winner. All Nerf Nation fans need to ... »

marvel's avengers

Does Marvel even care about Marvel’s Avengers awful subtitles?

Before everyone jumps on the hate wagon, I love Marvel and everything that they stand for. However, when you pay a premium price for a game and then find out that the in-game currency is worth more than the game itself… you begin to start questioning the quality of the product that you just purchased. Don’t forget, we don’t get paid for this. So, please, pop us a little something via PayPal ... »

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 ad showcases key features for the console

We have all been waiting to hear more about the PlayStation 5 as Sony has been tight-lipped on some of the features. But that’s about to change. Sony has revealed its first global ad spot for PlayStation that showcases some of the immersive gameplay that you will get to experience on the new PS5 console. Don’t forget, we don’t get paid for this. So, please, pop us a donation via PayPal by cl... »

The Last of Us 2 Review

The Last of Us 2 Review

Let’s get straight to the point, The Last of Us 2 – much like olives, pickles, caviar and oysters – is an acquired taste. It’s not a game that everyone one will enjoy; however, it is simply a masterpiece when it comes to technical design, character development, writing, creative direction, graphics, and overall storytelling. What captured my heart here was the storytelling.... »

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen set to bring high-end audio to Xbox Series X

Bang & Olufsen has officially shared a press release announcing that it is partnering with Microsoft’s Xbox to create high-end audio equipment designed for gaming. In the press release, Bang & Olufsen vice president and head of product management, Christoffer Poulsen, cited the growth the gaming industry has experienced over the past few years and its increasingly diverse global audi... »

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