Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Review

Razer Kaira Pro Review
Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Review Darryl Linington
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As an audiophile, I tend to own quite a collection of headphones. For this reason, I could not help but get my hands on the Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox. While my other headphones were mainly wired to the controller, the Razer Kaira Pro allowed me to sync directly to my Xbox Series X – much like you would with a wireless controller – which allowed a lot more freedom of movement as I did not feel chained to the controller.

Taking a closer look at the Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox, it sports some rather impressive features. These included a set of well-designed 50mm drivers, which really hit the sweet spot when it came to high, mid and low audio frequencies individually. What else is impressive here is the 50mm drivers have a titanium coating, which ultimately adds clarity to character dialogue as well background music in-game. This type of focused tuning also ensures a lower deviation in sound levels, so you can enjoy more consistent audio that doesn’t drop out or spike, which essentially causes tones to become duller or more exaggerated. To add to this, the Razer Kaira Pro 50mm drivers support Razer Synapse 3. This allows you to fine-tune your audio to your own preference. This can also be done on your Xbox Series X/S using the headphone control app.

While the Razer Kaira Pro provides superb audio, it also features an impressive 9.9mm detachable microphone. What impressed me most about the mic is how it blocks out surrounding noises. While I don’t spend a lot of time playing games online, I decided to dive into Second Extinction. Even when being rushed by 3 million Raptors (yes that’s exaggerating a bit), my team could still hear my cries for help with crystal clear clarity.

While audio clarity is highly important, so is comfort. This is where the Razer Kaira Pro excelled. I decided to use them for 9 hours straight and experienced very little headphone fatigue. If you don’t know what headphone fatigue is, well, it’s pretty much when your headphones become extremely uncomfortable during long periods of use. For me, this was not the case. When removing them after 9 straight hours I did not feel any discomfort in key areas, which include the top of the head and sides of ears. This was surprising as other headsets usually take a week or two to get used to; however, the Razer Kaira Pro was consistently comfortable throughout the 9 hour test. This was mainly due to their weight (330 grams) and the fact that they also feature what Razer call “FlowKnit” memory foam, which reduces the clamp force on the ears as well as the top of the head.

For those who enjoy RGB lighting, the Razer Kaira Pro earcups are power by Razer Chroma RGB. This allows you to change the colour of the lighting on the fly. You can also let it cycle through various colours or just use your favourite static colour. I can admit, this looks pretty sweet.

Now, for those who like to be in control, Razer has positioned the controls in easy to reach places. On the right-hand-side earcup you will find the EQ/Xbox Pairing button, Game/Chat balance wheel, and the Bluetooth/Multi-function button. On the left earcup you will find the Mic mute switch, power button, and the volume wheel. These are positioned rather nicely and very simple to use. When it comes to the overall build quality, these don’t feel cheap. They have a solid design and feel like a premium set of headphones. They are extremely durable and can be take a fairly hard knock (not too hard though).

Razer Kaira Pro Review

To be honest, if you are looking for a well-priced set of headphones for your shiny new Xbox Series X/S, then the Razer Kaira Pro is the way to go. They are light, comfortable, and easy-to-use. They are also pretty durable and can be used for extended periods of time with little to no headphone fatigue. In conclusion, Razer has stepped up their game when it comes to headphones. While the Razer Kaira Pro is specifically aimed at gaming, it can also be connected to your mobile as a standard Bluetooth headset. So, whether you are gaming, listening to music, or watching YouTube videos, the Razer Kaira Pro has you covered.

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