HP OMEN set to collab with devs


OMEN Presents was recently announced and is an HP initiative focused on collaborating with game developers to create PC gaming experiences. This initiative, as revealed by the company, gives game developers the tools and resources to bring their games to the masses including collaborative activations such as beta access, giveaways, and additional content created throughout their game’s lifecycle.

To kick it off, HP was thrilled to announce Road 96, developed with DigixArt, a game that breaks barriers as a procedurally generated 3D narrative, where every journey you embark upon will be different.

The team also announced the OMEN Gaming Hub, the next generation of OMEN Command Center – with a new expansive set of features focusing on elevating experiences across the full spectrum of gaming, including performance, playing, and community. New features and updates include:

  • OMEN Light Studio (BETA): The one-stop-shop for all OMEN RGB lighting supported devices to synchronize. Create different lighting effects across all lighting devices, opening possibilities for personalized, sophisticated, and interactive lighting schemes.
  • Undervolting: Enables gamers to reduce CPU power consumption and heat. This features a unique algorithm called Intelligent Mode, which when clicked will cool down the machine while still generating high performance.
  • OMEN Gallery: Find a gorgeous wallpaper selection featuring our Z ambassador collection in an all new Gallery feature. Your favorite wallpaper can be liked, downloaded, or set as a background.
  • Homepage 2.0: The evolving homepage has a redesigned UI layout so that it’s easier to find “My Gear” in the center and showcases a “My Services” banner so gamers can easily understand the details of the feature. Gamers can also install and launch the application directly.
  • My Games 3.0: Builds upon its foundation with the addition of search, filtering, and grouping a game library. It now also includes game page overviews that contain screenshots, media reviews, and official channel links.

Now, I have been messing with the OMEN Command Center and it’s pretty sweet. My HP OMEN Vector Mouse and HP OMEN Blast headset work really well with it… So be sure to Tech It Out.

By: Darryl Linington
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Follow @DarrylLinington on Twitter

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