Immortals Fenyx Rising Review

Immortals Fenyx Rising Review
Immortals Fenyx Rising Review Darryl Linington
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It's quirky, fun, and beautiful.
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There are so many things in life that one can love… the smell of a new console; opening Christmas presents; stuffing your face with Turkey, and to add to the list… Immortals Fenyx Rising. And why would you love it? Because, much like the tasty treats above, it’s fresh.

Yes, it could be compared to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but let’s take it for what it is – which is a comical adventure that not only features a beautiful world, but also a great cast of characters.

You step into the shoes of Fenyx, a rather naive demigod/demigoddess who has been tasked to not only save humanity, but also set free some of the most famous Greek gods from the clutches of Typhon.

While rescuing humanity and the gods, you also get some rather lighthearted storytelling and comical narration by Prometheus and Zeus. While Prometheus tries to keep the story on track, Zeus tends to interject with some – well let’s say – not so wise commentary. This was one of the things that I loved the most during my playthrough of Immortals Fenyx Rising as it feels like you are playing through a colourful storybook which features a hint of wit, sarcasm, and dark humour – allowing the game to keep things fresh and entertaining from start to finish. I mean wait until you meet up with Ares the Greek god of war… I mean this guy ain’t clucking around.

While the narration and the story are absolutely excellent, combat is another area where this title exceeded my expectations. Fenyx has a pretty killer set of moves that include hack n slash elements, archery, and the all-important god-like powers.

At the start, you may feel severely underpowered, but midway through you will be tearing through enemies faster than a bolt of lightning shot from the fingertips of Zeus. You can also be cheeky and throw boulders at enemies from the top of a mountain just for a kick. I mean, I spent a chunk of time tossing boulders at a massive monster that I just could not defeat. Yes, it’s kinda like cheating, but it sure as hell is fun.

Another high point here is the sheer amount of upgrades Fenyx can unlock. Granted, you have to grind for them, but they are well worth the time and effort. Thankfully, you can scout for them from just about anywhere. So if you are looking for a chest or some Ambrosia you can click that analogue controller down and use Far Sight in order to uncover its many, many, many, many secrets… Yes, there are many. Oh, so many. Alternatively, you can keep the adventure going by trying to find them by yourself.

When it comes to playtime, you are looking at 30-40 hours here, which, in my opinion, is gold; however, you may spend a lot more time playing Immortals Fenyx Rising in order to discover its absolutely beautiful world.

For those who like a challenge, there are a number of hidden dungeons and puzzles that populate the world. Some are downright simple, while others make you want to pull out your hair. But, the best thing about them is, they don’t hold your hand so you need to pretty much figure them out yourself. I found this to be a step in the right direction as I felt rather fulfilled when solving a puzzle and then having to lay waste to the monster it unleashes on you.

Now as I have praised the gods for Immortals Fenyx Rising, Typhon needs to be let loose too. If there is one thing that really made me struggle was the stamina bar. I’m not one for these as they kinda hold you back.

To climb high mountains you need stamina and the same goes for sprinting and gliding. Yes, there are ways to top-up your stamina, but the bar basically instantly fills up as soon as you stop for a couple of seconds… So was Fenyx really that tired and is it really needed? Granted, you can also increase the amount of stamina that you have by training, but this just felt a little redundant.

Immortals Fenyx rising is honestly quirky, fun, beautiful and just such a great game overall. Granted, the voice acting is a little annoying at first; however, it grows on you and you eventually see why the developers stuck with it as it is unique and holds a great sense of charm.

In conclusion, Immortals Fenyx Rising is worthy of the gods. Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m going to go listen to Prometheus and Zeus over who turned the god of war into a chicken.

By: Darryl Linington
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