HP Omen 15 Review

HP OMEN Review
HP Omen 15 Review Darryl Linington
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Its been a while since I have reviewed a laptop, but what better way to kick off 2020 than with the HP OMEN. Now to offer up a little back story, HP was the first brand I was interested when I was just a kid. My eldest sister had given me an HP tower and screen in order to feed my interest in computers. She was pretty proud that I took ownership of it; however, she had become a little concerned when, after a few months, I had taken it apart, added a new Hardrive and RAM. I also made a few modifications to the chassis and added an extra cooling fan.

While PC modding was a big part of my past, I have kinda moved away from it. The main reason for this is the fact the latest PCs and laptops, especially laptops, do not need modding. Yes, there are those hardcore folks out there that want insanely amazing coolant systems and cases filled with RGB greatness; however, there are also those that want to pull their machine out the box and just have it work at the press of a button. Whether you are an office warrior or a legendary gamer, chances are you don’t have the time fiddle with PC components these days.

This is where the HP OMEN range slides in and makes upgrading a thing of the past. Equipped some killer specs, the model I had spent some time with was the HP OMEN 15. When opening the box and checking out the specs, I saw that it came standard with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080/2070 graphics card, an i7 processor and 16GB RAM. Which, in my opinion, was more than enough for what I needed it for.

I spent a rather lengthy amount of time editing videos and photos; however, my kid would spend part of the day jamming some Fortnite. I also managed to load up some other pretty decent games on it and found that this machine would never slow down.

Apart from the speed and performance – which is exceptional – the HP OMEN is super portable. It’s of medium weight; however, it’s super slim (20mm) as well as solid in design. What was also pretty nice was the fact that HP had included the OMEN Command Center, which came with two new features. This included: Performance Control which cranks up fan RPM to either maximise cooling or performance. Whereas OMEN Dynamic Power manages CPU and GPU wattage based on what a game is utilising at a given moment to maximise FPS. Combined, these powerful additions serve to improve gameplay and speed while also adding a level of flexibility.

With performance at an all-time high, the HP OMEN 15 is also a good looking device and easy-to-use laptop. It also has a rather sexy RGB keyboard, which also features anti-ghosting allowing players to input multiple commands without having to worry about missing a shot.

With all this tech under the hood, cooling was a slight concern; however, the HP OMEN stays cool under pressure with a new fan design- larger blades, a 3-phase motor and fluid dynamic bearing that improves heat dissipation. While I did face a slight heating issue, I feel that I had pushed the laptop a little too hard when testing it out.

Full Specs may vary with model:
Processor: Core i7-9750H hexa;
Memory: 16GB DDR4 2DM;
Storage: 1TB 7200RPM + 512GB PCIe;
Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2070/2080 8GB G-SYNC;
Screen Size: 15.6 FHD Antiglare flat IPS 144Hz;
Colour: Shadow black

If you are looking for a well-designed and powerful machine, the HP OMEN 15 is definitely a laptop I would recommend. It’s sleek, sexy and an absolute powerhouse under the hood. To add to the appeal, it features phenomenal sound quality, but that’s what happens when you partner with such an awesome brand, Bang & Olufsen.

Overall, the HP OMEN 15 – along with the OMEN range – is definitely a range of laptops that you should be looking at if you are looking for a machine that features powerful specs, crystal clear sound, and a rather sexy build.

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