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Ghost Recon Wildlands Review Ashleigh Linington
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Developed and published by Ubisoft for PC, PS4 and Xbox One Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon Wildlands is the 10th installment in the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Franchise but the first title to feature an open world environment. Wildlands moves away from the futuristic setting brought in with Advanced Warfighter (2006) and instead Ubisoft went with a setting closer to the Original Ghost Recon (2001). Ubisoft ambitiously describes this title as one of the biggest open world games they have ever created, with numerous environments scattered throughout the game from dense forests to barren deserts. This is definitely a beautiful game all around with something new to discover around every corner.

Bolivia – The most beautiful and dangerous place on earth.

The game opens up with a beautiful cinematic monologue of the main protagonist – El Sueño – laying out his dream for Bolivia and how the idea of the Narco state came to him. His organization Santa Blanca, a previously minor drug cartel, gains more and more power and influence in Bolivia to the point of causing the country to become a narco-state and the world’s largest producer of Cocaine. Obviously this is not accepted by the USA Government and that is where you come in. As part of a special operations unit called “Ghosts” you and your team mates have to dismantle the Cartel piece by piece from the inside out to make their way to their biggest target El Sueño. He is the boss of all bosses and it is made clear from the start that this will be your main target to take out if you ever plan to succeed.

Wildlands has one of the biggest maps that I have seen in a game in ages (excluding some MMO’s of course). The map has 21 Provinces, most if not all has their own ecosystems/Biomes. Each area includes at least one Santa Blanca Cartel boss as well as hidden weapons and weapon modifications, fast-travel points, resources and skill points, commendation medals and bases to raid. I found that I lost myself in each of these provinces as the completionist in me pushed to ensure I do everything in a province before moving on to the next. You will definitely never be bored in Bolivia. The only frustration was traveling long distances by car or foot, eventually I got my hands on a helicopter which made  my travels a breeze, but as a trade in for faster travel the helicopter made me feel like I miss out on some of the content as I am not stalking through the forests and taking in everything around me.

If you are soloing the game you are given a team of 3 AI team members. They are fairly useful and follow most orders accurately but there is definitely room for improvement on this, I had instances where they don’t follow me into bases or when they trigger combat before I am ready. I can however not complain about Sync Shot since it always hits the target no matter what. Wall in the way? No worries, Sync Shot to the rescue!  Wildlands really excels when you have a friend that can join you for co-op, the AI team members disappear once the 2nd player joins and it is the two of you against the world! I feel that the game has really been developed for co-op play and that is how it was meant to be played.

Two important features of the game that has to be mentioned is the weapons modification and the skill tree. Weapon modification gives you a load of options to change parts of your weapons like barrels and sights to increase their damage and accuracy stats. Further into the weapons modifications you can completely choose your own weapon load out to ensure you are ready for any situation that El Sueño can throw at you. Additional modifications can be unlocked by following gathered intel and collecting the weapon mods from these locations. The skill tree gives you options to buy skills with the skill points and resources you gathered through your journey. Skills can be for yourself, your squad or your equipment (like your super cool drone) and they improve certain aspects of the game like your overall accuracy or additional perks that can be unlocked. The drone is perhaps your most useful tool in all of Ghost Recon Wildlands as it allows you to mark targets and scout an enemy base while remaining undercover. This makes the drone an excellent surveillance tool for those who don’t just charge into battle and shoot everything in sight.

Overall I think this is a great attempt from Ubisoft for an open world  Ghost Recon title. When I first played the game I really thought that Ubisoft could have polished the graphics a bit more as the game already looked dated when compared to other games released at the same time. Fortunately, I am not elitist and gameplay means more than pretty graphics thus I thoroughly enjoyed the game with action packed moments, and times I really wanted to punch UNIDAD in the face for their persistence!! I laughed at the jokes and quirky comments from your team members, and appreciated the attention to detail in the sound effects of the weapons. I would definitely suggest this game to anyone who is a fan of the Ghost Recon series as well as anyone looking to dip their toe into some open world shoot-em-up fun! (Just please don’t kill as many civilians as I did)

Ghost Recon Wildlands was reviewed by Ruan Du Toit

Edited By: Darryl Linington
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