CeBIT 2017: Huawei unveils All-Cloud Network Architecture

All-Cloud Network

At CeBIT 2017, Huawei unveiled its All-Cloud Network architecture for enterprises. In a roundtable session held by the firm, it was revealed that the All-Cloud Network architecture will help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation by delivering, as stated by the company, the ultimate user experience with more agile service innovations and ubiquitous security protection.

According to the firm, digital transformation is changing the technology market landscape at an unprecedented rate. According to a survey conducted by IDC, there are 64% of organisations are “Digital Explorers” and “Digital Players“ who are exploring the benefits of digital transformation. The government sector, and financial and manufacturing industries are pioneers as they have invested the most in their digital transformation. Huawei’s digitalized network platform enables transformation of government functions and reform of office working models, providing efficient and standardised high-quality public services. The financial industry implements big data analytics through user behaviour data modelling to improve decision-making efficiency, achieving rapid innovation in financial products and personalised financial services. By levering IoT-based technology, predictive maintenance application lowers operation costs for manufacturing enterprises.

“Digital transformation not only means applying new technologies such as cloud computing, SDN, and NFV, but also involves reforming business models, operational modes, and thinking patterns. Huawei provides the All-Cloud Network specific to industry application scenarios to help our enterprise customers achieve business success. This is the ultimate goal of Huawei’s All-Cloud Network architecture,” said Kevin Hu, president of Huawei Switch & Enterprise Gateway product line.

“The All-Cloud Network architecture will deliver ubiquitous connections, an open cloud platform, and social technology industry applications to enterprises. In addition, it will simplify network resource management and enhance the value of network data. All of these factors will create an open network for enterprises to reap business benefits with tremendous potential,” Hu added.

Huawei’s All-Cloud Network architecture, according to the firm, is comprised of three parts:

  • Ubiquitous connections: The data center fully connects the people, things, data and applications in campus, branch, and IoT scenarios.
  • Open cloud platform: Networks are managed on the cloud to enable rapid service deployment, and simplified O&M. Centralised scheduling of resources improves efficiency. Open APIs allow interconnections with network devices and industry-specific applications, making industrial extension convenient and further innovating business models.
  • Social technology industry application: uses cloud-based big data analytics to provide rich industry-specific SaaS services, making applications no longer isolated, and allowing the benefits of digitalization brought by networks, applications, and data to be shared between enterprises and users, enterprises and enterprises, and users and users.

Huawei’s All-Cloud Network architecture provides six cloud-enabled solutions to reconstruct networks in different scenarios. CloudFabric is designed to build a simple, efficient, and open cloud data center network to support long-term evolution of enterprise cloud services. CloudDCI is designed to build an on-demand and smart data center interconnection network based on cloud services. CloudCampus implements 100% cloud management of the network throughout the entire lifecycle, from network deployment to O&M, as well as all Wi-Fi access in the campus network. CloudEPN provides on-demand, cost-effective, and value-added network services for enterprises. Edge-Computing-IoT (EC-IoT) meets predictive maintenance requirements and enables digital transformation for vertical industries. The ubiquitous security solution builds proactive and self-immune protection systems for enterprises.

Huawei’s All-Cloud Network architecture provides customers with a “Whole Journey, All Digital” experience from purchasing a solution to using the solution. Huawei teams up with its partners to create a win-win cooperation ecosystem and delivers a real-time, on-demand, all online, DIY, and social (ROADS) experience to enterprise customers.

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