Watch Korea’s piloted mech take first steps

korea mech

It’s not quite what we got to experience while playing Titanfall 2, or by watching an episode of Gundam; however, it’s a start. Over in Korea, Hankook Mirae debuted its life-sized mech which actually functions whilst being piloted.

The video, which was originally posted by Hollywood SFX veteran Vitaly Bulgarov, showcases the mech taking a number of steps forward. According to Bulgarov, the mech is intended to be used in extreme conditions.

Bulgarov also stated, according to the video post on YouTube, that the company’s short-term goal is to develop a tethered robotic platform with industrial applications. The company could also mount its top part on a larger wheeled base that can accommodate a chunky power source if it really needs to traverse rough terrains where there’s nowhere to plug it in.

Check out the video below:

Edited By: Darryl Linington
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