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Titanfall 2 Review Darryl Linington
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Accolades: Titanfall 2 is a 2016 Game of the Year Contender & has received the Editor’s Choice Award.
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Titanfall 2, which has been developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, has finally released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While the first title in the series only focused on multiplayer, players will be pleased to find out that Respawn Entertainment has now included a single-player campaign into the mix.

The single-player campaign is one that is most definitely a welcomed addition. The storyline follows that of Jack Cooper, a rifleman for the Militia – an organisation attempting to free the Frontier from the brutal onslaught of the IMC – who aspires to one day become the pilot of his very own Titan. During the early stages of the game, Cooper’s Titan and Pilot training gets cut short when the Militia is tasked to take on the IMC on a planet that has been dubbed “Typhon.” Upon arriving, via drop ship, Cooper finds out that the Militia has been ambushed by Anti Orbital Defenses (A.O.D).

Barely surviving the drop, Cooper makes his way to the battlefield in order to provide support. Fast forward past a few spoilers, and Cooper finally gets to pilot a Vanguard-class Titan named  BT-7274.  While the Pilot and Titan felt rather disconnected in the first title – due to it being an online multiplayer title only – the storyline of Titanfall 2 reveals that Pilot and Titan share a much closer bond.

To avoid spoilers, I will end the synopsis there; however, what I can say is that Titanfall 2’s single-player campaign has been well worth the wait. The level design of the 6-hour campaign is one that takes both Titan and Pilot into mind. Most missions require Cooper to take the reins of BT-7274 in order to take out a swarm of enemies or engage in boss style fights with other enemy Pilots and Titans.

Other missions split the duo up, where the player will take control of Cooper who will need to springboard from wall to wall in order to complete an objective, which will ultimately allow BT-7274 and Cooper to link up once again. This allows the campaign’s gameplay to feel balanced in such a way that you get to experience what it is to be a Pilot on the ground, as well as the Pilot of a Titan.

Apart from taking on Titans and Pilots, Cooper will need to take on vicious creatures that will stop at nothing to tear him apart – while on the ground. Adding to the excellent campaign is the constant addition of new mechanics such as new puzzle elements and combat situations. It all blends together really well, and by the end of the game, you are expected to use what you have learnt and use it all in tandem in order to see the credits roll. Overall, Titanfall 2 combines great gameplay with a fantastic story in order to offer up a solid, yet short, single-player campaign.

With the single-player campaign done and dusted, players can then – or even before finishing the campaign – venture into Titanfall 2’s excellent multiplayer modes. This time around, Pilots and Titans can clash in modes such as: Amped Hardpoint,  Bounty Hunt, Attrition, Last Titan Standing, Pilots VS. Pilots, Capture The Flag, Free-For-All and Coliseum.

During a match of Amped Hardpoint, players will need to capture and hold 3 hardpoints. The more hardpoints a team holds the faster they will earn points. To add to the excitement of the mode, players will need to stay near a hardpoint in order to amp it, which will essentially allow the team to net points much faster as well as make it more difficult for the opposing team to capture it.

Free-For-All is pretty much self-explanatory… every Pilot and Titan will be fighting for themselves in this mode. Another self-explanatory mode is Pilots VS. Pilots. In this mode Pilots will take on Pilots; however, no Titans will be allowed. Capture the Flag is another mode that players of first-person-shooter titles will be familiar with.

Focusing more on the unfamiliar modes, in Last Titan Standing, all Pilots start in Titans. Your team must destroy all of the enemy team’s Titans or Pilots to win. This is a round-based mode, and the team that wins the best of five rounds wins the match. To add to the mechanics, there is no respawning, and there are no replacement Titans until the next round starts. If your Titan is in the process of being destroyed, the Pilot can eject and continue fighting the good fight.

In the Coliseum mode, it’s pretty much 1 VS. 1, where the first Pilot with two kills wins. The rest of the multiplayer modes I will leave you to discover for yourself; however, all I can say is that they are a blast to play as Titanfall 2 comes with an exceptionally excellent multiplayer experience.

Titanfall 2 features both an exceptionally great single-player and multiplayer experience. While the single-player campaign is a bit short, it is still a great first attempt none-the-less. I personally enjoyed the gameplay as well as the banter between Cooper and  BT-7274. In addition to this, Titanfall 2 is great looking and great sounding title, which includes great performances from the voice artists. When it comes to multiplayer, there are plenty of modes to play, which will keep you coming back for more over and over again.

Titanfall 2 was reviewed by Darryl Linington on the Samsung Quantum Dot SUHD TV. To read the review click here.

2016 Game of the Year Contender
Editor’s Choice Award

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