Sony unveils PlayStation 4 Pro

playstation 4 pro

At a press briefing held by Sony in New York City’s Times Square, the company revealed it’s latest console, the PlayStation Pro. During the reveal, the company stated that its latest console will feature a 1TB Harddrive, 4K Resolution, HDR, and an upgraded CPU with a boosted clock rate.

According to PlayStation, the PlayStation Pro is expected to be sold in tandem with the PlayStation 4, and not to replace it. New games will still be playable on the older version of the PlayStation 4, as well as the recently announced PlayStation 4 Slim. The PlayStation 4 Pro will also allow developers to take advantages of the PlayStation VR headset as it will offering developers more power to work with.

At the event, it was also revealed that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Mass Effect: Andromeda will also be compatible with the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Sony is not the only console manufacturer working on a new console. Microsoft revealed, their latest console “Project Scorpio” at E3 in June,2016. Microsoft announced their own new console, Project Scorpio, at E3 in June.

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