IFA 2016: Alcatel to unveil new range of smartphones & devices

IFA 2016 Berlin

IFA Berlin 2016. (Image credit: pocket-lint.com).

Alcatel has revealed that its new range of mobile technology and devices will be introduced and on show at the IFA 2016 in Berlin, while at the same time some new business partnerships will be announced.

According to the company it recognizes that millennials and Gen Z consumers want to interact with technology in a way that makes them feel good – a way that allows them to seize the moment, create joy and live life to the full… without breaking the bank.

So, as revealed by the company, it has developed a range of mobile devices – from premium-design smartphones to zippy tablets to visionary virtual reality products – that all come with distinctive designs and affordable price tags. All designed for twentysomethings… and, of course, former twentysomethings.

Besides the launch of the new range of products, Alcatel also looks forward to announcing partnerships with four of the world’s innovative 360° camera makers at the IFA.

According to the company, one thing that sets it apart from others is that it provides end-to-end delivery of its products — from design to manufacturing. This enables it to deliver the latest innovation and the best value to its customers. This will be on display at the IFA. Visitors to Alcatel’s IFA booth will not only be able to test the brand’s products but take a step into Alcatel’s vision of the brave new world of virtual reality, with products and apps that are one step ahead.

Alcatel will be showcasing its latest tech at booths 102 and 104 , Hall 21B, at IFA Berlin (Sept. 2-7).

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