Protect Yourself From Hackers With These Top Security Tips

Did you know that 56% of all data breaches in 2016 began with a user clicking on a phishing email, giving hackers access to a corporate network? Everyone has something of value to a cybercriminal. Don’t take the bait – always stop and think before you act. Here are some cyber-safe tips to think about: 1. In public How the hackers do it Man-in-Middle attack: Using a special software, a hacker inser... »

Cyber Security

Shifting minds to safeguard business in the burgeoning cybercrime era

As the world has become more connected, so too it has become more vulnerable. As more data is regularly exchanged between employees, clients, and suppliers as well as families and friends – using technologies that were designed to share information, not to protect it – we must realise that there is a greater need for more human involvement and understandng when it comes to the use of t... »

festive season

Top 12 Tips for staying safe online during the festive season

As the popularity of online shopping increases globally, so does the likelihood of falling foul of cybercrooks, not necessarily because they are putting in extra effort during the festive season, but simply because more of us are doing more online shopping at this time of the year, and we’re on the lookout for the hottest deals. Sophos has put together the following cybersecurity tips to hel... »

Record level of vulnerabilities sparks cybersecurity innovation among global enterprises

9 Simple security steps to stay safe online during the Festive Season

The holidays are a heightened time when cybercriminals are using clever phishing emails scams that look like special offers or shipping notices for gifts. When in reality, these are designed to snare clicks and make you hand over information. James Lyne, global head of security research, Sophos, is reminding consumers to pay extra attention to nine simple security steps to stay safe online during ... »


45 Percent of organisations are not prepared for malicious insiders

Mimecast Limited has released new data revealing that organisations globally believe they are their own worst enemy when it comes to cybersecurity, with 45 percent saying they are ill-equipped to cope with the threat of malicious insiders and twice as many, 90 percent, calling malicious insiders a major threat to the organisations’ security. Mimecast initially found as part of its Business Email T... »


Gugi Banking Trojan outsmarts Android 6.0 Security

Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered a modification of the Gugi banking trojan that can, according to the company, bypass new Android 6 security features designed to block phishing and ransomware attacks. The modified trojan forces users into giving it the right to overlay genuine apps, send and view SMS, make calls, and more. It is spread through social engineering and its use by cybercriminals ... »