retail banking

What the future of digital holds for retail banking

Banks are finding it increasingly difficult to reach and ensure value to their customers in light of the challenge by existing and new fintech competitors who are muscling in on the ‘offer’ – the point at which a customer’s process of research and assimilation culminates in the customer acting. Before our mobile and internet-driven world, customers would collect information, talk to friends, respo... »

SAP SuccessFactors

Taking talent to the next level with SAP SuccessFactors

Technology remains a key driver across all areas of an organisation, with the attraction, acquisition, and retention of top talent no exception. “The last few years have seen significant changes,” comments Brett Parker, Managing Director, SAP Africa, referencing the move to digital and mobile as case in point. “What was once the exception has become the norm, placing huge pressure on organisations... »

SAP SuccessFactors

Emerging technologies in Cervical Cancer Screening scoops award

SAP’s Design and Co-Innovation Center together with Heidelberg University Hospital have optimised a cervical cancer screening test that combines applied medical research with the power of innovative SAP cloud technology to improve quality of life amongst women in Africa. The digitised screening test, called “Emerging Technologies in Cervical Cancer Screening (ETiCCS)” scooped first prize of the dm... »

SAP SuccessFactors

Start reimagining your business model now

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished,” said the wise Benjamin Franklin. But we don’t need to take his word for it: there are many inspired thoughts that punctuate the role of change in business. The more difficult question is when change should happen. This topic makes business leaders nervous. Change is good, but so is stability. The world does not comprise of only ma... »

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP Skills for Africa: Developing ICT skills that create jobs and change lives

The latest SAP Skills for Africa South Africa chapter kicks off with the Johannesburg leg of the student orientation that prefaces the actual training due to start on 29th September. SAP Skills for Africa is a skills development and job creation initiative launched by SAP Africa in 2015. Since inception, the initiative has grown to maturity across Africa with growing numbers of graduates SAP custo... »

IT in Africa

SAP MD discusses ambition and opportunity in IT in Africa

The potential gains to be made from the rapid growth of the African digital economy cannot be overstated. An estimated 360 million mobile devices, $75billion in annual e-commerce sales and a $300billion internet-driven boost to GDP is forecast by 2025. Yet conventional wisdom would dictate that the current lack of legacy Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure in Africa is a ... »

IT integration

Early IT engagement is vital to keeping mergers and acquisitions on track

Within many industries, mergers and acquisitions are a common strategy to help maximise profits while spreading risk. Regardless of whether a company has acquired another, has spun off into a new entity, or is divesting interests. It is essential to effectively manage IT as a key business goal. Without effective IT integration in the case of a merger or a holistic and sustainable joint IT model fo... »