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IoT is real and can drive real results today

IoT is real and can drive real results today

The Internet of Things (IoT) can transform business and create innovative new revenue streams. While the demand for IoT is certainly growing, most providers are still far too focused on the technology and not communicating the business value proposition to their clients. This means that they are not translating IoT solutions into tangible business value for their clients, and that is slowing down ... »

Internet of Things: Pandora’s Box or enterprise enabler?

Internet of Things: Pandora’s Box or enterprise enabler?

The enterprise remains wary of investment into the Internet of Things (IoT). There are key inhibitors to adoption that affect its efficiency, impact, and availability. This doesn’t mean that IoT isn’t on the cusp of widespread adoption in South Africa or that it will stay stuck in the grip of hype quicksand, it just means that both vendor and enterprise need stronger value propositions and provabl... »

internet of things

5G will bring the Internet of Things to life

By now, many of us have heard about the Internet of Things – the trend that sees sensors and Internet connectivity embedded into just about every device and tool we use on a daily basis in both our personal and professional lives. From smart thermostats and LED lighting in your home to an array of instruments in your car to fitness wearables – the IT industry is connecting just about everything yo... »

small data

Small Data: The small crucial cog in the IoT ecosystem

The volume of data that the billions of things lying at the edge of the Internet of Things (IoT) will generate needs a comprehensive strategy for protocol mediation, processing, analysing, storing, securing, applying, and even sharing data to deliver value-creating and scalable use cases to industries and consumers. But, while trying to figure out how to manage “Big Data”, it is easy to forget tha... »

Internet of Things

Simplicity is the future of building automation systems

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding rapidly. There are more and faster chips as well as more sensors in every element of buildings. Paired with improved wireless networking technology and standardised communication protocols that make it easier to collect data, it’s possible to transmit information, crunch numbers and use data like never before. This is putting the spotlight on Building Auto... »

Internet of Things: Pandora’s Box or enterprise enabler?

Nokia enables companies in MENA to capatilise on the opportunities of IoT

Organisations across the world are investing in the digital transformation to remain relevant to their customers and survive disruption. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one element in this transformation journey and has the potential to transform every industry, even traditional ones. According to Dr Muneer Zuhdi, Director of Solution Line Management in the Global Digital Economy Practice at Nokia... »

Eseye eWater

Eseye eWater to ensure 13,000 people have access to clean water

According to statistics from NGO’s “The Water Project,” 783 million people worldwide lack access to clean water. In partnership with eWater, a company that uses mobile technology for sustainable water maintenance, Eseye provided IoT technology for the provision of clean water in Gambia with roll-out plans in the pipeline for other African countries. While water systems are contin... »

Free Wi-FI

Free Wi-Fi is now a must

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a new trend in the hospitality industry – the rise of the connected traveller. Whether old or young, away for work or leisure, the demand for constant connectivity is increasingly present across all demographics – and meeting this demand is key to making them happy. For the hospitality industry, high quality, free Wi-Fi is now a must. Guests expect the same qual... »

IoT is real and can drive real results today

Aruba reveals that the internet of things market remains fragmented in EMEA

At Aruba’s 2017 EMEA Atmosphere conference it was revealed that the Internet of Things (IoT) market remains fragmented in EMEA stemming from a disconnect between IT and business departments over what IoT is and how it should be used. This, as revealed by Aruba, is according to a new survey of 1,400 business and IT leaders from 11 countries in Europe and the Middle East. According to the firm, find... »

digital transformation

Why South Africa’s agricultural industry needs digital transformation

The evolution of technology is transforming the world. Digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Advanced Machinery and Artificial Intelligence are changing the way people work, making processes more efficient and helping to create innovative new products and services. The digital transformation of the agricultural sector will impact billions of people, impacting every part of the... »

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