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MTN Initiates Major Digital Transformation with Oracle Cloud Applications

South Africa based mobile telecommunications major; MTN has chosen Oracle Cloud Applications to drive one of the largest digital transformations in the global telecom industry across all its core business operations. The implementation will help MTN drive efficiency, scale operations and integration across its local and regional operations. “MTN and Oracle partnered in 2018 to complete the design ... »

Defining the African digital reinvention

Defining the African digital reinvention

Digital transformation is an often-misunderstood concept – meaning different things to different people — as countries and companies redefine ‘digital’ for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. For starters, all countries and companies occupy different starting points in their technological capabilities and, therefore, take a wide array of paths in the ‘next’ step in their technology evolution. ... »

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Nine priorities to get you on the road to digital transformation

According to a recent survey by E-consultancy, customer experience will overtake price and product specifications as the key brand differentiator by 2020. Add to this the fact that customers are more digital than ever, demanding an omni-channel interaction model with products and services tailored specifically for them, and it’s safe to say that we are living in the era of the digitally evolved cu... »

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Can data storage and recovery drive digital transformation?

Digital transformation is fast becoming an over-used term; the likely reason being that it is a catch-all phrase which means different things to different people, or organisations. For many, digital transformation can be summed up as any migration to Cloud solutions. However, for others it means leveraging any new or emerging technology to evolve one’s business. Yet, digital transformation can als... »

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Putting Agility into South Africa’s Digital Transformation

Companies in South Africa are increasingly under pressure to deliver digital solutions and services. Danny Drew, Managing Director for Avaya South Africa, explains how agile processes can help them deliver these faster Traditionally, agility was not usually a word readily associated with Africa’s technology market: the continent was seen as lagging far behind others in adopting new solutions. Toda... »

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Digital transformation helping businesses to thrive

Digital transformation is no longer hype. Companies now realise that in order to keep up with their competitors, streamline their costs and improve their employees’ efficiency, digital transformation needs to be at the top of their agenda. Some organisations are already achieving new levels of performance with digital. Williams Martini Racing is a great example of this. In the highly competitive F... »

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Why South Africa’s agricultural industry needs digital transformation

The evolution of technology is transforming the world. Digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Advanced Machinery and Artificial Intelligence are changing the way people work, making processes more efficient and helping to create innovative new products and services. The digital transformation of the agricultural sector will impact billions of people, impacting every part of the... »

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CeBIT 2017 Interview: Edwin Diender discusses the road to digital transformation

At CeBIT 2017, Huawei Technologies clearly had the largest presence on the showroom floor. Not only did the company have an impressively built stand, which covered 3500 square metres and included fully functionally boardrooms, but it also went as far as to showcase a plethora of technology relating to the Internet of Things (IoT) While the Huawei CeBIT stand was indeed impressive, the IoT innovati... »

CeBIT 2017

CeBIT 2017: Huawei showcases the power of Digital Transformation

At CeBIT 2017, Huawei joined hands with 100 partners to exhibit ICT strategies and solutions under the theme of “Leading New ICT, The Road to Digital Transformation”. In a booth of over-3500 square meters located at C30 in Hall 2 of the Hannover Exhibition Center, Huawei demonstrating its ICT and solutions across business, technology, and ecosystem exhibition areas, as well as shared d... »

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EOH to host inaugural digital transformation event

EOH, one of Africa’s leading knowledge and service providers, led by their EOH ICT vertical will host its inaugural EOH Connect 2017 digital transformation event at the Sandton Convention Centre, on Thursday, 2 March. The event, themed ‘Digital Transformation: Living in a two-speed world’ will explore practical solutions to delivering next-generation IT and will equip attendees with the tools and ... »

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