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Top 5 fitness tracking apps to get you going in 2017

The festive season is officially over and by now you are either returning to the gym, taking out a contract at said gym, looking to join a local bootcamp, or beginning to exercise at home. While this a great decision, in order to shed those festive seasons pounds, you will also need to start looking at downloading the top fitness tracking apps¬†fitness to keep track of your progress. While there ar... »

TomTom Sports app

Get your fitness on with the TomTom Sports App

TomTom has revealed the launch of the new TomTom Sports app, bringing not just activity data, but insights and motivation, to millions of users. According to the firm, the new TomTom Sports app, co-created with athletes and fitness app users, gets people going by introducing motivational messages, activity trends and comparisons, performance stats down to the second, rich social sharing functions,... »