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Here’s how COVID-19 impacted consumer banking behaviour

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major influence on consumer banking behaviour, both negative and positive, as a result of pressure on incomes.  To this end, Nedbank hosted a Live Webinar this week where leading executives and industry thought leaders analysed the economic impact of this shift in consumer banking behaviour. Don’t forget, we don’t get paid for this. So, please, pop us ... »

Africa's challenger banks

Africa’s challenger banks are set to surge ahead

The ability of challenger banks in Africa to leapfrog through technology, unencumbered by legacy systems, will cause a banking revolution on the continent that will leave traditional banks with a less forgiving future than what they could hope to expect. For the longest time, established banks seemed immovable from their perches. Their positions were solid and the cost to take them on remained pro... »

retail banking

What the future of digital holds for retail banking

Banks are finding it increasingly difficult to reach and ensure value to their customers in light of the challenge by existing and new fintech competitors who are muscling in on the ‘offer’ – the point at which a customer’s process of research and assimilation culminates in the customer acting. Before our mobile and internet-driven world, customers would collect information, talk to friends, respo... »