Huawei P30 Pro

The Huawei P30 Series has launched

Huawei has launched its latest P30 series flagship, the P30 Pro, P30 and P30 lite – and MTN customers can now rewrite the rules of photography with the Huawei P30 series. From today, Thursday 4 April 2019, MTN is offering the much-anticipated smartphones to its postpaid and prepaid customers at selected stores and online. Customers who sign up or upgrade to Huawei P30 Pro will get a free Huaw... »

Lego Spike

LEGO Spike Prime let’s kids build robots with confidence

Adding to the LEGO Education portfolio of combined physical and digital learning experiences, SPIKE Prime has been unveiled, along with new insights on students’ confidence in learning STEAM subjects. LEGO Education has announced LEGO Education SPIKE Prime, the newest product in the LEGO Education hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) learning portfolio. SPIKE Prime brings ... »

Galaxy Watch Esim

Vodacom launches OneNumber with Samsung to unveil South Africa’s first eSIM wearable

Vodacom customers will soon have the freedom to connect and link a number of devices to their primary account using the same phone number following the launch of Vodacom OneNumber. As the service evolves, customers with multiple devices that have SIM or eSIM capability such as smartwatches, tablets, additional phones and laptops or even your car will be able to connect to the Vodacom network, inde... »

epic ERP encourages industries to embrace disruptive technology

epic ERP encourages industries to embrace disruptive technology

epic ERP, a Southern African distributor for Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, hosted the Epicor Customer Summit 2019 where the highlight of the day was intense debate on how digital technology trends and relating disruptive technologies are in the space now to make or break business. In South Africa, manufacturing o... »

Women In Tech 2019

Diversity isn’t nice. It’s crucial – Women in Tech Africa Summit 2019

Humans are social creatures. It’s hardwired in us to communicate, collaborate and lift each other to achieve. There isn’t a single example in history where someone accomplished anything great on their own. Behind every iconoclastic moment stands a group of people who were there to help, advise and create. Humans are stronger together – that’s how we’ve come so far. For Dell Technologies this... »

Countdown to the rollout of new data regulations

Countdown to the rollout of new data regulations

South Africa has 10 days to go before the amended End User and Subscriber Services Charter (EUSSC) Regulations come into effect on 1 March 2019. Cell C implemented the changes in the Final Regulations published in May before the end of 2018 and customers will have already experienced the benefits of the new enhanced notifications service, the additional rollover facility and data transfer. Additio... »


By 2021, CIOs will be as responsible for culture change as Chief HR Officers

In an era of continuous change, a proactive and adaptive culture is a critical asset and CIOs will play a key role in establishing the right mindsets and practices. Gartner, Inc. predicts that by 2021, CIOs will be as responsible for culture change as chief HR officers (CHROs). “A lot of CIOs have realised that culture can be an accelerator of digital transformation and that they have the means to... »


One-in-ten people now use cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency, often associated with ‘geeks’ or those looking to raise cash quickly, has turned into a popular payment method. According to a recent report from Kaspersky Lab, one-in-ten people (13%) have now used it to make a purchase. However, cybercriminals are also embracing this trend by targeting cryptocurrency exchanges and modifying old threats to attack investors. This is leaving people ... »

Digital transformation

Defining the African digital reinvention

Digital transformation is an often-misunderstood concept – meaning different things to different people — as countries and companies redefine ‘digital’ for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. For starters, all countries and companies occupy different starting points in their technological capabilities and, therefore, take a wide array of paths in the ‘next’ step in their technology evolution. ... »

Top tips to troubleshoot common TV issues

Top tips to troubleshoot common TV issues

We love the capabilities of new-generation smart TVs, from streaming entertainment services to voice search and synchronised content cast between your phone and the big screen. However, let’s be honest: the more high-tech the TV, the more likely you are to encounter glitches for a multitude of reasons. Here are some of the most common problems and tips on how to troubleshoot them so you can get ba... »

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