Digital transformation

If you’re not going digital, you’re going nowhere

Digital transformation is the future of any business. If you aren’t on the path towards a digital environment, you’re probably already behind your competitors and will start to lose relevance. It is critical for any organisation to start automating processes and changing the way they interact with customers and employees – the norm has shifted. The emerging customer base will not deal with c... »

Disaster recovery is dead

Disaster recovery is dead

We live in fast times. So fast in fact that a recent Google study showed that over half of users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Any online business knows if the website goes down, users will simply check out the competition and get the product/service they want elsewhere. This fast pace of business is exactly what is driving the revolution in IT architecture. Dis... »


This is why Cybersecurity is vital to business strategies in 2019

Relentless cyber criminals are becoming smarter and more resourceful by the day. 2018 taught us many lessons and one of them is that companies cannot afford to develop business strategies without cybersecurity being at the heart of it. Many companies that became victims of cyber-attacks witnessed first-hand how difficult, time-consuming and expensive it is to recover from, if at all. Cybersecurity... »

digital transformation

From ​​operator to ​digital ​service ​​provider – ​Critical ​success ​f​actors for ​​successful​ ​transformation

Digital Transformation―we are all a part of it: governments, companies and consumers. But while some feel like they are on the back of a runaway train, others have taken control of their destinies. Manufacturers are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable predictive maintenance and servitisation business models. Retailers are generating 360-degree views of customers to forge agile, individual... »

Machine Learning

Top 7 things every exec should know about Machine Learning

Machine Learning capabilities hold great potential for new revenue streams and tremendous cost savings for enterprises. Increasingly, businesses are using ML to strengthen their competitive advantage and drive innovation. Is your organization embracing this shift or are you falling behind? If you are on the “bias-for-action” side of the scale and have already started steering your orga... »

Modern-day Cloud: Casting a broad appeal across the business

Modern-day Cloud: Casting a broad appeal across the business

By 2020, analysts are predicting that businesses worldwide will spend over a Trillion dollars on the Cloud. This number reflects just how dominant Cloud has become in the world of enterprise technology. Cloud has been by far the most disruptive technology and important driving force in enterprise IT in recent times, completely changing how applications are developed and consumed, and also changing... »

What is the impact of blockchain on telecoms?

What is the impact of blockchain on telecoms?

With the blockchain expected to contribute almost $1 billion to the telecoms sector within the next five years, the technology clearly offers more than just a vehicle for cryptocurrency. From Smart Contracts to speeding up inter-carrier settlements, the blockchain has the potential to reshape the telecoms environment for the digital age. Already, we are starting to see relationships being establis... »

Brad Pulford, Channel Lead, Dell EMC South Africa

Companies now want to see digital action

South Africa is absolutely becoming a digitally maturing market. We can no longer talk about just early adopters or the few taking the lead in the digital revolution. For years Dell EMC and its peers have been sharing the message of digital transformation: why it is important and how far its impact reaches. It took a while for that message to resonate, but today there is clearly a lot of change ha... »

The CIO will govern – 2019 predictions

The CIO will govern – 2019 predictions

Silos – the word seemingly depicts a neat environment where things tick along or one where everything is operating in disparate chaos, the left hand clueless as to what the right hand is doing. Enter the CIO. According to a recently-released Forrester Research report, 25% of CIOs will expand their roles and responsibilities in 2019. As technology plays a more important role in connecting departmen... »

financial crime trends

Discussing the top financial crime trends for 2019

The same concept holds true for cybercrime and the Financial Services industry. At the end of the day, regardless of who the ultimate victim of a cyberattack is, the end goal of most cyber events continues to be financial gain. Cybercriminals increasingly target online banking and mobile apps According to Fortinet’s Threat Landscape Report, over one-quarter of organisations experienced a mobile ma... »

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