Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: Hype or Game Changer?

Technology has played a major role in advancing most areas of our everyday lives – but it can also have a significant effect in the world of industry. In fact, if harnessed correctly, the industrial sector is poised to benefit hugely by improving efficiency, productivity and a reduction in operational costs with Industry 4.0. In fact, by 2020, Industry 4.0 is expected to bring an average cos... »

Artificial Intelligence

Human Beings, Artificial Intelligence and Robots to represent the new workforce of 2028

When driving to the office, Marie, CIO of a large bank in France, often has this quote from Bill Gates on her mind: “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next 10. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.” This morning the thought is particularly persistent. Her company has recently embarked on a digital trans... »

cloud computing

Africa needs an African cloud

For organisations in Africa to truly reap the benefits of cloud and shared data centre services, local data centres need to be developed and deployed. This will not only address the issue around data sovereignty, but also stimulate local economic development and improve the lives of citizens using by widely adopting this technology. This is the view of Mohamed Abdelrehim, Head of Solutions and Bus... »

Unlocking the power of personalisation through in-store Wi-Fi

Unlocking the power of personalisation through in-store Wi-Fi

The exponential rise of disruptive technology trends has added a new dimension to consumer expectations. Connectivity is now one of the most critical differentiators and businesses have no choice but to provide customers with internet connectivity while they are onsite. The creation of a fully-integrated omni-channel communication and data-capturing system – a system which allows customers t... »

Network-attached storage

It’s time to get Network-attached storage

The enterprise market has traditionally been seen as the one that sits up and pays expensive and complicated attention to cloud storage. It is, after all, only suitable for those companies that have large wallets, skill sets and infrastructure, right? Then there’s the other side of the cloud – public. This is where consumers gleefully drop their storage needs as they don’t need as much space and p... »

IoT is real and can drive real results today

IoT is real and can drive real results today

The Internet of Things (IoT) can transform business and create innovative new revenue streams. While the demand for IoT is certainly growing, most providers are still far too focused on the technology and not communicating the business value proposition to their clients. This means that they are not translating IoT solutions into tangible business value for their clients, and that is slowing down ... »

Internet of Things: Pandora’s Box or enterprise enabler?

Internet of Things: Pandora’s Box or enterprise enabler?

The enterprise remains wary of investment into the Internet of Things (IoT). There are key inhibitors to adoption that affect its efficiency, impact, and availability. This doesn’t mean that IoT isn’t on the cusp of widespread adoption in South Africa or that it will stay stuck in the grip of hype quicksand, it just means that both vendor and enterprise need stronger value propositions and provabl... »

smart cities

Smart cities in Africa start with smart broadband infrastructure

With over half the world’s population currently living in urban metropoles and an estimated three million people moving into cities every week, it’s safe to say that the concept of smart cities is becoming more crucial than ever.  This is not only to accommodate the immense influx of new citizens, but also to contribute in a very meaningful way to the populations that live in these vast urban spac... »


Analytics is critical, but data is being left out

The digitisation of business has spread the ‘customer experience’ (CX) right across organisations. Managing and understanding customers is no longer confined to frontline sales and contact centre staff, but requires constant attention from all employees in order to meet diverse expectations from increasingly-demanding consumers who have unprecedented options at hand. Marketers, in particular, have... »


How is the shortage of skills holding back your data revolution?

The scale, scope and complexity of change that comes along with the today’s technological revolution is unlike anything we’ve seen before. The potential for advancement is made exponentially larger by emerging technology breakthroughs that continue in fields like Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT). Underpinning these technologies is data. It is data that is the... »

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