Does Marvel even care about Marvel’s Avengers awful subtitles?

marvel's avengers

Before everyone jumps on the hate wagon, I love Marvel and everything that they stand for. However, when you pay a premium price for a game and then find out that the in-game currency is worth more than the game itself… you begin to start questioning the quality of the product that you just purchased.

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Now, I paid for Marvel’s Avengers, no review code here folks… and even if I did receive a review code, I would still point this out. While I was thoroughly enjoying Marvel’s Avengers, I finally met up with The Hulk/Bruce Banner. Now, I tend to keep the subtitles on when playing a game because it can get a bit loud here. That’s when I came across this absolute gem.

That’s right, the subtitles read as follows: “I mean the whole mainframe was build on his techniology.” So it was build, not built, on his “techniology” (technology). Since spotting this, I have been on the hunt for a few more instances of this type of thing; however, I’ll be adding them at a later stage.

Yes, it’s an easy fix; however, this comes from a studio that has been applauded for quality. Maybe someone was hungover or didn’t get enough sleep, but surely there are a few people checking these things *cough* QA department.

Anyway, have you ever noticed something odd in a video game? Let us know. And Marvel, best keep your house in order.

By: Darryl Linington
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