Fornite was down – but did you die?

Fornite was down – but did you die?

Epic Games has officially trolled the planet like a boss. While I may not be Fortnite’s target market – No need to hate, I just don’t find it all that appealing, but if you do well, sweet, enjoy the game – a lot of those who are absolutely lost their minds when the Epic Games team sucked up the map into a black hole.

With a fair amount of downtime, the internet began to explode as players were either confused, angry or as all customers do when something goes wrong with their product, demanded their money back. I personally found this absolutely hilarious.

While I may not play Fortnite, my eldest daughter and her friends do… So as you would expect, I was pelted with never-ending questions of what was going on. While it was common sense that the team at Epic Games was gearing up for something new, I tried my best to keep it low-key and fuel the fire where I could.

This is not because I’m a bad person, it’s just because I found it hilarious at how emotional people became. I mean let’s face it folks, Fornite is a cash cow for Epic Games. It’s not like they just going to pack up shop and terminate their own money printing machine. And if they did, well, they are about as smart as the folks who actually believed that Epic Games would terminate such a gold mine.

What I find even more hilarious is how the internet went from “where’s my torch and pitchfork” to “oh my, look at how beautiful it is… take my money” when the new trailer and patch dropped.

So, to end things off, when Fortnite went offline, did you get a life; play new games; go see what outside looks like; or did you die?

I will take my hat off to Epic Games for being the absolute troll of the year. The team definitely has the right talent working in their marketing and creative departments.

By: Darryl Linington
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