Hisense Infinity H30 Review – Simply Awesome

Hisense Infinity H30
Hisense Infinity H30 Review – Simply Awesome Darryl Linington
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Thanks to the amazing team at Hisense, I got my hands on the new Hisense Infinity H30 to review… and it is simply awesome. When unboxing a device you generally go through the drill of taking out the phone, manual, charger, and headphones; however, Hisense has included a nice surprise, which came in the form of a rather sleek and sexy clear cover as well as a screen protector. This truly shows that Hisense is in tune with their customer’s needs when it comes to protecting their device.

While keeping the device protected is a key point, Hisense has also packed in a number of nifty features in order to make this device truly attractive to just about anyone. This can be seen in the Hisense Infinity H30’s 20MP + 2MP dual rear camera, which has been designed to capture professional photos that can have a number of unique effects added to them. This includes the ability to identify 16 different scenarios thanks to advanced AI algorithms. When you take a photo, it intuitively chooses the most applicable exposure and colour adjustments for that perfect shot. In addition to this. the 20MP selfie camera has a large aperture of f/2.0 with beauty shot allowing for those perfect selfies.

When taking a look under the hood of the Hisense Infinity H30, you will find that this device is powered by the Mediatek Helio P70 chipset, an octa-core 2.1 GHz CPU, ARM Mali G72 MP3 900 MHz GPU, and 4 GB RAM. The Hisense Infinity H30 also comes with Android Pie out of the box as well as 128GB of on-board storage and a MicroSD card.

With this amount of power under the hood, I found that gaming and entertainment apps ran rather well and switching between apps was a rather smooth experience. While these apps do put a strain on the battery of a mobile device, the Hisense Infinity H30 comes with an impressive 4530 mAh battery with Artificial Intelligence (AI) power saving features that allow for longer battery and more game time.

While the Hisense Infinity H30 has a lot of power on the inside, it’s a pretty attractive device on the outside. This can be seen in the crystal clear 6.5” water drop display and a screen-to-body ratio of 83.3%, which gives you a fantastic cinematic experience for watching movies and other videos. I spent a number of hours watching Netflix and Youtube on this device and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

To add to the visual appeal, the Hisense Infinity H30 Smartphone comes in some really eye-catching colours, which includes Ice Blue and Violet Ocean. Adding to the features, the Hisense Infinity H30 Smartphone also comes with One Step Cleaning, which guarantees an efficient and smooth operation of the device.

When it comes to security, Hisense has placed a lot of focus on this. Not only does the Hisense Infinity H30 Smartphone come with a rather speedy fingerprint sensor, but it also comes Facial Recognition features. You can also opt to use a pin code or a pattern for added security measures.

Hisense Infinity H30

The Hisense Infinity H30 Smartphone is well worth its weight in gold. It’s got some powerful tech under the hood as well as a sleek and stylish build. The crystal clear 6.5” water drop display is stunning and really brings your photos and entertainment to life.

Overall, I can thoroughly recommend the Hisense Infinity H30 Smartphone. It’s powerful, attractive and decently priced too, which means you won’t be breaking the bank. The only unfortunate side to the device is it’s not waterproof, which was a bit disappointing, but certainly not a turnoff.

By: Darryl Linington
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