Upcoming open-world games honestly need more content

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Open-world games much like Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption 1/2, Grand Theft Auto V, Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls, The Legend of Zelda, and many other open-world titles have been the benchmark of open-world gaming. These games offer players beautiful worlds to explore with plenty to do and see. They offer great quests to complete with the promise of even greater rewards to obtain. They even offer players a number of characters to interact with, grow fond of and even romance.

These titles are well-worth there weight in gold; however, it looks as though some recent open-world titles are offering players a barren world filled with repetitive fetch quests, mundane combat, and uninteresting characters to interact with. To add salt to the wound, some of these titles are coming in as console exclusives… I’m looking at you Days Gone.

Now, this is not a dig at Days Gone; however, it is one of the many games that showed great promise yet turned out to be a beautiful, yet barren, open-world game with little to do except repetitive tasks that eventually – after many hours of grinding – lead to a pretty great story.

But you see, that’s the problem… Open-world games need to keep the player entertained and offer them an incentive to keep on pushing on. And to be honest, bland and empty worlds are not the answer. This is where developers need to take charge, and instead of seeing the player as a cash cow, rather see them as what they truly are… People who just want to be entertained and not robbed of their hard earned money.

While developers are trying to change the situation, No Man’s Sky is an example, it shouldn’t have to come to this. Games should hit the shelves in their most complete states and not as incomplete shells that will be filled with content once the player base realises that the game they just purchased is not what they initially believed it to be.

In conclusion, open-world games need to be better. They need to be finely tuned and filled with content much like The Witcher as it is an excellent example. If I wanted to spend 60 to 100 hours of my life in front of PC or console, I want it to be worth it and not feel like I have just wasted a portion of my life I will never get back.

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By: Darryl Linington
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