Days Gone Review

Days Gone Review
Days Gone Review Darryl Linington
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Developed by SIE Bend Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Days Gone is the latest game to take a bash at the open-world zombie apocalypse genre.

Now, Sony has a lot to prove when it comes to the world of gaming. Not only did the firm bring out the phenomenal God of War, but it also gave us the overly excellent Marvel’s Spider-Man. With two hard-hitting titles to live up to, does Days Gone live up to Sony’s past achievements? The answer is yes and no.

Days gone is, ultimately, a mixed bag of tricks at the end of the day. It takes place two years after a global pandemic occurred which killed almost all of humanity, and transformed millions of others into “Freakers.” The story has quite honestly got a Sons of Anarchy vibe that has been neatly combined with a zombie apocalypse.

Essentially, the plot throws you into the shoes of the protagonist, Deacon St. John. Deacon is a former member of the Mongrel Motorcycle Club and rides through the Pacific Northwest with long-time friend William “Boozer” Gray through the Freaker infested open-world.

While trying to survive in the violent world of Days Gone, Deacon is haunted by the loss of his wife – Sarah – who had been airlifted out of the city and presumed dead; however, Deacon tends to believe Sarah is still alive even after the events that had occurred. To not spoil anything further, I will end the story breakdown there.

When it comes to storyline, Days Gone has quite honestly got a pretty solid one at that. Deacon and Boozer are trying to get out of the Pacific Southwest but there is a lot holding them back. These setbacks include rebuilding Deacon’s motorbike, finding out just what a strange organisation “Nero” is doing as well as still trying to maintain a relationship with the locals by doing odd tasks to earn camp credit.

This is all, unfortunately, sidelined by the game’s overly repetitive missions that you will face throughout your 55 odd hour journey. Most missions involve Deacon clearing out Freaker infestations or tackling the game’s human enemies, which have been dubbed “Rippers”. Granted, getting the feel for Days Gone’s combat and stealth missions are fun at first; however, it gets a tad bit tiresome when you are thrown into the same situations over and over again.

To add to this, the beautiful world is unfortunately sparse when it comes to things to do in comparison to other games that fall into this genre. Yes, there are bears and wolves that will also throw a spanner into the works and try tear you into pieces… but it’s just not enough. If there was more to do and a larger variety of tasks to do then Days Gone would be an exceptional game, but there is unfortunately not. While it is not exceptional… it is still good.

While I have mentioned the negative points about Days Gone, there are a number of positives. What I truly felt to be an infuriating gameplay mechanic actually made Days Gone more appealing to me the more I played it. This would be upgrading and refuelling your bike. That’s right, you can actually run out of fuel, which ultimately forces you to push your bike to the nearest gas station or navigate the dangerous world on foot to find fuel. This adds a great sense of danger to the game as the map is large and your bike is the only way to get around it easily and conveniently.

Another thing I loved about Days Gone was upgrading Deacon’s skills and fighting off hordes of Freakers. To be honest, combat is fun and intense, which is truly a highlight. To add to this, you can craft items on the fly to help you out when you find yourself in a, particularly, difficult situation.

To add to the awesome combat, the world is beautiful. Travelling through it is an absolute pleasure and it is truly something to look at. Everything from its lush fields and lakes are a pleasure to look at… especially if you are playing Days Gone on the PlayStation 4 Pro. But as mentioned before, it’s just a pity the world is so empty with little to do except repetitive missions.

Another highlight of Days Gone is the supporting cast. There are a number of interesting characters to meet and interact with as you progress through the storyline… but as mentioned before, you are going to have to trudge through a number of repetitive missions to get to them.

Days Gone is a mixed bag of tricks. Its story is excellent; however, trying to get to the end of it is a tedious task as missions are overly repetitive and frustrating. To add to this the beautiful world is unfortunately sparse when it comes to keeping the player entertained. Granted, the combat is thrilling and intense, but this doesn’t make up for the lack of variety.

Overall, Days Gone has a fantastic story… it’s just a pity you have to bounce from one repetitive mission to the next to reach the end.

By: Darryl Linington
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