Skyscraper Review

Skyscraper Review
Skyscraper Review Darryl Linington
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Dwayne Johnson’s latest films have been a mixed bag of tricks. While “The Rock” has had some solid roles much like the utterly entertaining return to the world of Jumanji in Jumani: Welcome To The Jungle. The film star has also featured in a string of mediocre films much like the utterly ridiculous Rampage as well as the rather forgettable remake of Baywatch.

While Rampage and Baywatch were pretty underwhelming, Dwayne Johnson aspired to new heights when he voiced the cheeky demigod, Maui, in Disney’s 56th animated feature film, Moana – which was released in 2016. Fast forward to the later half of 2018 and Dwayne Johnson is now taking on the Pearl, a 3500ft building based in Hong Kong, in Skyscraper.

This time around Dwayne Johnson takes on the role of Will Sawyer a disabled former FBI Hostage Team Leader. After a hostage situation goes wrong, Will Sawyer is discharged from the FBI and takes on a career in assessing the security of Skyscrapers. While accompanied by his wife Sarah Sawyer (Neve Campbell) and their two charming children, Will Sawyer and his family are plunged into a non-stop action fest as the Pearl is set ablaze by a band of villains led by Kores Botha (Roland Møller).

As action movies like this go, Will Sawyer is sent to assess another structure remotely connected to the 3500ft Skyscraper. While away, the bad guys set the building ablaze in order to obtain a hard drive containing vital information held by the Pearl’s creator Zhao Min Zhi (Chin Han). While working offsite, Will Sawyer is ultimately framed for setting the fire. This leads to some excellent action scenes involving police chases as well as some extremely impressive stunts that often defy the laws of gravity as Will Sawyer attempts to get back into a burning building in order to save his family. Yes, Skyscraper is full of over-the-top moments that will often make you wonder just how strong Dwayne Johnson is… especially when it comes to scaling cranes and hanging on to ledges using the pure brute strength of his index finger. The film also uses duct tape in many ways, which becomes rather comical throughout the film.

While scaling buildings and performing death-defying leaps is only part of the action, there are some rather fantastic combat scenes… with the most impressive combat scenes coming from Neve Campbell, who kicks some heavy ass throughout the film. Granted, Dwayne Johnson has his moments; however, Neve Campbell really takes the spotlight when it comes to combat.

In terms of acting, Skyscraper is not short on talent and each actor performs their role with style and finesse – which ultimately makes Skyscraper a rather believable and entertaining film. We also get to see Dwayne Johnson’s softer side, which is rarely seen in his films.

Overall, when I entered the cinema I mostly expected Skyscraper to be another mediocre action film; however, it turned out to be a non-stop action ride that made me tense up (due to my fear of heights) every time Dwayne Johnson, with a prosthetic leg and all, or his co-stars leapt off something that was not only higher than one could imagine, but also on fire. If you are looking for a great action film, then look no further as Skyscraper checks all the right boxes when it comes to being a great action film.

By: Darryl Linington
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