Hisense South Africa Announces Enhancements to Latest Range of ULED TVs

Hisense South Africa

In 2016, Hisense South Africa transformed the way TV is watched with the launch of its ULED range of TVs. Now, the brand in South Africa is enabling viewers to ‘see the incredible’, with enhancements made to the latest line of ULED TVs in the areas of colour, contrast and HDR, as well as in sound quality and design.

Hisense has optimised the colour on its 2018 line-up of Premium ULED TVs by adding Quantum Dot Technology in both the U9A and U8A series. TVs that make use of Quantum Dot as a light source are able to produce pure colour and make imagery more real. This improvement has seen the colour gamut being widened and the DCI-P3 (the most common colour space for digital movie projection) increasing to 107.9%. What this means is that viewers can now enjoy imagery with more realistic colour and enhanced detail.

While colour is crucial to picture quality, contrast takes it to the next level. This year, Hisense has upped the ante by introducing Prime Array Backlighting in its flagship 75U9A model*, dividing the backlight into 1056 individual zones. By controlling the lighting in each zone individually, blacks can be darker and whites brighter, without being influenced by the backlight of adjacent areas.

In addition to kicking the colour up a notch and making the contrast more exceptional, both of these have been enhanced even further by improved HDR technology, which now sees the newest ULED TV models having a peaking brightness of 2500 nits. This will not only expand the colour gamut to 170% – a 38% increase when compared to the previous range – but also provide 30 times the contrast, taking it from 1,000,000:1 to 30,000,000:1. This enables viewers to see even the finest of details, just the way the director intended.

While all these improvements make for a better viewing experience, the sound is also a massively important aspect.  On the entire Hisense 2018 Premium ULED and ULED range, the TV’s have moved away from the traditional downward facing speaker and towards front- and rear-facing speakers.  Depending on the model, the TVs feature up to six front-and rear-facing speakers, which bounce the sound off the back wall, allowing for a cleaner and more powerful cinema audio experience.

The sound on the 65U9A has been further engineered and enhanced by technology from the leading audio brand, Harmon Kardon, to deliver an exceptional audio experience, particularly when playing music, which will make ULED owners feel like they are sitting right there in the studio with their favourite band.

The new ULED TVs will be available from the beginning of July 2018 at all Hisense stockists.

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