New WhatsApp scam on the rise

whatsapp scam

According to a report via the, a new WhatsApp scam is on the rise. As revealed by the report, scammers are now posing as the relative or friend of an individual. Preying on the relationship between friends or family, after a brief conversation, the scammers say they are in a difficult situation. They then proceed to ask the victim to send them money via various ewallet services.

When asked if they can be contacted via other means, the scammer will often state that their phone is either in for repairs or faulty. Additionally, when victims attempt to call the scammer they are often told that the speaker on the device they are using does not work and they are unable to take the call.

As revealed by the report, scammers obtain the names and numbers of their victims from Facebook groups and adverts. WhatsApp users are urged to be vigilant when communicating with loved one and close friends… they are also being advised to set up security questions with said friends and family to avoid falling victim to the latest WhatsApp scam.

Victims of this scam are urged to contact their closest police station.

Edited By: Darryl Linington
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