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DIRT 4 Review Darryl Linington
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DiRT 4 is the latest release from Codemasters and is a 2017 release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. While racing games for me are a nice to have over a competitive development these days, DiRT 4 makes for an extremely entertaining and engaging experience with a great mix of the realism of dirt track rally and extensive vehicle racing customisation.

Though, I feel the environmental graphics are a little older than most modern games that have focused heavily on the resolution of their vehicles, DiRT 4’s vehicles and environments are for the most part, destructible and react to your bad driving in the best way possible, which makes for an entertaining experience yes, but at the same time, which game doesn’t have that capability now days.

What makes DiRT 4 special is the voice of the co-driver navigator. This means there is no HUD with your track in front of you, instead the gamer relies heavily on the words of the navigator to know what’s coming around the next bend and indeed, when the next bend is and what action to take. This is fun, but it takes a bit of learning at first to understand what the navigator is talking about if you’re not already a rally fan and understand the lingo. There is a DiRT Tutorial section called: Rally School, which saves you some time, but personally, I don’t enjoy the learning from a tutorial, I want to jump right in! But, overall the overhead navigator is a fresh take on the genre which makes me happy to see.

The game arches back to older games of the racing genre when customisation and purchasing vehicles is concerned, borrowing from Gran Turismo in its selection, but also provides the ability for the gamer to customise each car’s ability to slide, take damage and react to each track, again, adding to its replay value and racing immersion.

Each win or loss gives the racer points or dollars or exchangeable currency that they can then use to purchase new vehicles or parts or upgrade, again, adding to how you perform in a race, though, it does take a bit of a learning curve to understand how each new part change and tune can affect your performance.

This is made more important and interesting when considering the online gaming part of DiRT4 where you’ll be competing against other DiRT 4 Racers. Making this a highly intense and addictive part of the game overall, though, I do question if there are enough race gamers locally to make this interesting over time, right now, it’s hot and worth a few rounds.

My final thoughts on DiRT 4 are simple, it’s a fun rally racing game, throwing back to the older arcade rally games we grew up with, with added customisation and massive online multiplayer. The primary game should take you up to or over nine hours to finish off, but, the added online element could push that out to a few weeks.

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