Kenya: Uber using facial recognition to verify drivers

Uber Kenya

Uber Kenya has revealed the launch of intelligent new safety features to ensure the safety of its drivers and their passengers. The new feature, according to the firm, enables the driver periodically to share selfies with Uber before going online. Uber will then compare the photo to the one corresponding to the account on file to verify the driver details.

Uber General Manager Loic Amado said it is developing and testing the function. He also said that the live ID check is the result of comprehensive research and testing and that the check protects drivers from fraud, theft and risks to their account being compromised.

It also assures passengers that the right person is behind the wheel, Amado closed by saying the facial recognition technology will ensure that the image corresponds to the registered driver, otherwise the account is temporarily blocked until the case is investigated by Uber.

Edited By: Darryl Linington
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