Ghana: MTN urges firms to invest in digital customer care

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MTN Ghana has urged businesses to invest in digital innovations for exceptional customer service delivery in order to thrive. Lawrence Akosen, MTN Senior Manager for Customer Planning and Enablement said that in an era where both customers and competitors are going digital, businesses that do not use digital channels of engagement set themselves up for failure… This is according to a report via TelecomPaper.

According to the report, Akosen advised businesses to recognise that given the extent of internet penetration and social media use, exceptional customer service hinges mainly on digital innovations. He said it is important for businesses to understand that the nature of their customer service delivery contributes to public perception of them, and to a large extent, the definition of their brand.

He stressed that investing in customer service drives loyalty and advocacy, which translate into long-term gains. He shared statistics indicating that customers are four times more likely to buy a product when they are referred by friends and 70 percent of feedback is based on how the customer feels and how they were treated. On the other hand, it takes twelve positive experiences to make up for one negative one and 89 percent of consumers take their businesses elsewhere after getting bad customer service.

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