CeBIT 2017: Huawei set to showcase latest ICT innovations

Cebit 2017 Huawei

Huawei will showcase, according to the firm, its latest ICT products and solutions at CeBIT 2017, the world’s largest annual ICT trade fair, at the CeBIT Press Preview 2017. As revealed by the firm, this is the seventh consecutive year Huawei has attended CeBIT and the company will team up with more than 50 partners and customers to exhibit its ICT solutions across cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) that empower business and ecosystem advancements. Huawei will also share its customers’ success stories in a range of industries including Smart City, finance, electric-power, transportation, and manufacturing.

At the CeBIT Press Preview, Huawei unveiled its theme for CeBIT 2017: “Leading New ICT: The Road to Digital Transformation”, which underscores its commitment to helping customers succeed in the digital world. To achieve this goal, Huawei provides innovative ICT infrastructure solutions that enable customers to build open, flexible, resilient, and secure digital platforms. Huawei also works with partners to help customers address digital transformation challenges and take advantage of leading new ICT to drive new opportunities.

Joerg Karpinski, Sales Director of Huawei Enterprise Technology Germany, said in his speech: “With the advent of the new ICT era, Huawei works closely with partners to orchestrate a healthy business ecosystem. In 2016, Huawei served 500 companies globally, helping organisations transform through ICT to achieve greater business success. At CeBIT 2017, Huawei will join hands with our global partners and customers – such as SAP, Accenture, Infosys, Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen, KUKA, Intel, Honeywell, GE, and ABB – to exhibit our latest solutions.”

In 2016 Huawei’s ICT products and solutions were successfully deployed by European businesses. Huawei formed a strategic partnership with KUKA to advance cloud, IoT, Big Data, and wireless technologies to drive intelligent manufacturing. Huawei signed an agreement with Schindler Group, a world-leading escalator and elevator manufacturer, to jointly develop an intelligent IoT solution for unified networking and management of millions of escalators and elevators worldwide. Huawei helped France’s TF1 build a converged media cloud platform to enhance program production efficiency. Huawei’s HPC solution enabled ICT transformation for Poland’s Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC). Huawei also collaborated with European telecom carriers in the enterprise market. For example, Huawei worked with Deutsche Telekom to launch “Open Telekom Cloud”, and built the world’s largest science cloud for the top 10 scientific research institutions, including CERN. Huawei will share greater insights and best practices from these initiatives at CeBIT 2017.

At the CeBIT Global Conference, Huawei will deliver a CEO keynote speech to share its latest ideas to drive digital transformation. In addition, Huawei will hold diverse forums – such as Cloud2.0, SDN, IoT, and ISP – and more than 40 joint activities with its customers and partners.

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