EOH to host inaugural digital transformation event

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EOH, one of Africa’s leading knowledge and service providers, led by their EOH ICT vertical will host its inaugural EOH Connect 2017 digital transformation event at the Sandton Convention Centre, on Thursday, 2 March.

The event, themed ‘Digital Transformation: Living in a two-speed world’ will explore practical solutions to delivering next-generation IT and will equip attendees with the tools and know-how needed to master their digital transformation journey.

Too often, digital innovations like cloud automation and big data fail to make a true impact within organisations for varying reasons that prevent them from harnessing these technologies as a beneficial and sustainable part of their futures. The introduction of one digital experience fails to align with another, creating a disjointed experience for customers.

On the other hand, it’s important to keep innovating, lest we get left behind. In light of this, EOH’s event will investigate some of the practical realities of digital transformation and how genuine success can be achieved.

As such, EOH subject matter experts and partners will share insights on a number of topics with the objective for EOH to assist attendees in scaling their capabilities, which include;

  • Implementing continuous delivery in the real world
  • Driving value through IT transformation
  • Navigating a realistic transition to the cloud
  • Taking your applications to the cloud
  • Disruptive digital built-in
  • Leapfrog to the new data world
  • Unified and converged communications

Attendees can also take part in a number of interactive sessions related to the presentation topics, as well as networking break-outs.

“The modern CIO is being challenged to live in a two-speed world. With relentless demands of an extremely fast-paced digital economy, CIOs are being driven by shareholders to compete with disruptors, fundamentally reduce costs and transform their customer’s experience,” says Rob Godlonton, CEO of EOH ICT.

“Most CIOs live in a world of complex legacy that requires them to support ageing platforms. The organisations that will win, are those that most effectively transition between the old and new. EOH Connect will show them how to do that,” adds Godlonton

For more information and to register for the event, click here.

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