South Africa: Samsung says leading hotels are getting smarter


Intelligent digital displays and advanced hospitality televisions are set to become the centre of the Smart Hospitality movement. South African hotels are moving to harness these new technologies for greater efficiency and better service.

“Large hotels use more business technology than the average office does, so Samsung has focused on revolutionising the hospitality information technology (IT) ecosystem to enable hotels to run their operations more effectively,” says Mike van Lier, Director of Enterprise Business Division at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

A key focus area is guest-facing information and amusement. Modern hotel guests expect hotels to provide the same level of technology that they enjoy in their own homes. This means high-speed Wi-Fi and advanced, flexible entertainment options. “In-room content is a crucial aspect in successful hospitality management,” says van Lier. “This is why Samsung’s specialised Hospitality TVs deliver a complete platform for premium guest room information and enjoyment.”

“Guests can watch movies and TV shows from streaming services, login to their social media accounts and even push content from their mobile devices to the big screen. The system is easy to use and centrally managed, making it possible for the hotel to relay relevant information – from weather forecasts and details of on-site facilities, to notices of special events and guest messages – directly to the device. In future, we will see hotels integrating controls of air conditioning, lights and room service around the TVs, making Hospitality TVs the new smart hub of the contemporary hotel room. A number of leading South African hotels are now moving to install these Hospitality TVs to modernise their approach to in-room entertainment,” says van Lier.

Alongside smart Hospitality TVs, intelligent digital displays are upgrading marketing and information-sharing in hotel lobbies and conference venues. Samsung’s large format displays, video walls and digital signage deliver high quality visuals with simplified management systems, allowing hotels to easily update information and deliver a content-rich guest experience. In addition, Samsung’s durable Outdoor LED displays make outdoor branding and sponsored messages highly visible to a broader market.

Improving hotel efficiencies and guest service also requires connectivity and smart management systems. Free and reliable Wi-Fi access, now a top priority for guests, requires multi-channel enterprise-grade Wi-Fi. Samsung’s Wireless local area network (LAN) solution allows hotels to monitor the Wi-Fi network, even across multiple sites, in real time to verify that all is functioning properly. Samsung is the only company that can offer both high-density Wi-Fi integrated into state-of-the-art electronics including hospitality TVs and stunning visual displays such as video walls, conference room screens and digital signage. Staff are accessible throughout the hotel as Samsung’s private branch exchange (PBX) integrates desk and smartphones.

Another area where hotel operations stand to be improved and costs cut, is printing. “Hotels print far more documents than most businesses,” says van Lier. “A 350-bed hotel might print 250,000 – 300,000 pages a month. These include time sheets, rosters, guest registers and receipts.” Samsung’s high-volume printers delivering print speeds, versatile features and access to a variety of document and workflow solutions, are an important component of its overall hospitality solutions portfolio.

“In a digital age, smart systems will give hotels a competitive advantage. With this in mind, Samsung’s research and development teams have developed a comprehensive range of hospitality industry systems designed to address the specific needs of hotels,” van Lier concludes.

Edited By: Darryl Linington
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