Start-up Snapt takes its all around support to an even higher level

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South African start-up Snapt is serious about customer support. By publishing response times – which average three minutes – Snapt guarantees that customers always have easy access to their in-house experts. As part of Snapt’s ongoing mission to provide the best customer support services, the company has implemented Zendesk, a simple and effective system for tracking, prioritising and solving customer support tickets.

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Snapt, which provides world-class application delivery software focused on load balancing and web acceleration, understands the importance of delivering the best possible support. After all, Snapt guarantees the performance, reliability and security of its customers’ web servers and services, and therefore needs to operate effectively at all times.

CEO Dave Blakey points out that since the organisation already provides 24/7/365 support for Snapt’s solutions, the real question it faced was how to improve on this. As he explains, “The answer was to deliver even faster, simpler and easier support than ever before. We approached this from two angles. The first was a revamped and updated website, which makes it easier for customers to interact with us, while the second aspect was the implementation of Zendesk software.”

Blakey explains that Zendesk helps Snapt get the job done right, first time, by improving communication and making sense of massive amounts of data. In this way, the Zendesk solution allows the company to be incredibly reliable, flexible and scalable – and more importantly, turn customer interactions into lasting relationships.

“The new solution allows us to put all our customer information in one place. This means that everything we need can be found in a single location, enabling efficient, relevant and personal communication with customers. Support can be delivered via multiple channels, and tailored to the client’s own preferences.”

He adds that this new support system fits in neatly with Snapt’s three key values – to work with the greatest clients, deliver the best products and provide the best available support. Thanks to Zendesk, he says, Snapt is able to optimise customers’ support experience and solve their problems as quickly as possible.

Edited by: Darryl Linington

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