Forza Horizon 3’s game breaking glitch ruins in-game economy

forza horizon 3 glitch

Developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft, Forza Horizon 3 is an exceptionally brilliant title. It offers fans of the series a plethora of cars to purchase as well as miles upon miles of beautifully designed landscape to race across.

One of the game’s biggest highlights is the fact that a player can purchase, or win, various different vehicles; however, in order to purchase vehicles, including upgrades, the player will need cold, hard in-game credits. In order to win money, a player will need to either win races or, alternatively, strike it lucky in the game’s lucky spin game.

forza horizon 3

Now, much like in most video games, money does not come easy, and earning it is ultimately what makes things fun. But what happens if you came across a glitch, or just a technical hiccup, in a game that completely relies on its economy in order to keep things balanced, and competitive? Well, the team at Tech IT Out Media has come across one such glitch.

The glitch was found on 22/09/2016, when we booted up Forza Horizon 3 in order to continue our review process. We spent a few hours playing and eventually opened up Level 2 of Surfers Paradise… This is where things went south. We stuck around the area in order to complete the events; however, one such event (which we shall not name until the developers have fixed the issue) netted us a lucky spin, which in turn awarded us with a total of 999.999.999 of in-game credits.


Now after spending a fair amount of time with Forza Horizon 3, we only came across this economy breaking glitch once we unlocked Surfers Paradise, Level 2. We then took part in an event, which we reported to the developers, and netted a phenomenal amount of cash.

While we initially thought we had hit the lottery, unfortunately, this find seemed to ruin the overall fun-factor… We didn’t have to race our heart’s out in order to purchase killer cars as we could simply just buy, as well as upgrade, just about any vehicle we wanted to.

We sincerely hope that the team at Turn 10, Playground Games, and Microsoft patch this out, as it will essentially ruin the in-game economy, both online and offline, in Forza Horizon 3 when the game releases.

Update: The glitch, which has been dubbed the “999,999,999 Wheel Spin Glitch” was linked to a server-side issue and has – according to the developers – been fixed.

The official statement by Forza community manager Brian Ekberg reads as follows: “Earlier today, with the rollout of Forza Horizon 3, we discovered an issue where players inadvertently received massive amounts of credits (999,999,999 credits) on certain rolls of the Level Up Tombola. We identified this as a server-side issue and have since corrected it. While we believe this has only affected a small percentage of users, we have put some corrective measures into place.”

“For players who were affected by this issue, cars over 1 million credits and purchased within the window that this issue was active will no longer be available for posting on the Auction House. Players will still be able to use those cars as normal (or remove them from their garage altogether). In addition, we will be correcting affected players’ credit balances.”

“Now that this fix is in place, we don’t expect additional players to run into this issue.”


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