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I recently attended the 2016 IFA Trade Show, which was held in Germany’s capital City Berlin. While on the showroom floor, I came across a phenomenal amount of tech such as washing machines, mobiles phones, laptops and UHD televisions. While I did not have too much time on the showroom floor to experience IFA 2016 in full, I have put together a list of the best gadgets that I had the opportunity to test out while roaming the halls.

Without further delay, let’s get straight into the best gadgets featured at IFA 2016

Lenovo Yoga Book IFA 2016

Lenovo Yoga Book IFA 2016. Photography by Darryl Linington).

Lenovo Yoga Book
Lenovo had a strong showing at IFA 2016. The company unveiled an impressive range of tech that included the Yoga 910 convertible laptop and the Yoga Tab 3 Plus Android tablet. While these devices made a great impression on me, nothing stood out more than Lenovo’s latest innovation, the Lenovo Yoga Book. The Lenovo Yoga Book is the latest 2-in-1 device from the company. It features a touch-based keyboard (dubbed the Halo Keyboard), a Dual Use Stylus (which writes on paper and on screen), and an ultra-thin design – which weighs in at 690 grams.

When taking a closer look at Lenovo’s latest innovation, I found that it packs in a powerful Intel Atom X5 processor, 4GB of RAM, and features a 10.1-inch IPS FHD screen, high-quality sound enhanced with Dolby Atmos, and 64GB of memory (which can be expanded upon up to 128GB). In addition to these features, the Lenovo Yoga Book also offers consumers choice when it comes to what operating system they want to use. As revealed by Jeff Meredith, vice president and general manager at Lenovo, the device – once launched in September 2016 – will come preloaded with either Android 6.0 (€499) or Windows 10 (€599).

playstation vrPlayStation VR
I have been waiting a long time to play with the PlayStation VR, I even stood in line for 2 hours, and I can tell you now that it is an extremely impressive piece of tech. Not only does it have a futuristic design, but it’s comfortable, and highly responsive too. Once strapped in, I was given a tour of the PlayStation VR version of the Playroom. During the demo I got to trash a city – as a monster – while chasing down the Playroom Robots.

Utilising the VR headset, I headbutted my way to the end of the demo… destroying everything in my path. Once at the end, the tide of battle changed swiftly as the Playroom Robots powered up and began tossing everything, including a grand piano, at me. At this point I found myself ducking and diving in order to avoid being defeated. Once they ran out of ammo, a quick headbutt saw me defeating the Playroom Robots in the most stylish manner possible. Overall, from what I had experienced from the 20 minute demo, I had an absolute blast playing around with the PlayStation VR. It’s definitely something every PlayStation 4 owner should be looking at purchasing.

Moto Z Play ModsMoto Z Play Mods
Unveiled by Lenovo and Motorola, the Moto Z Play Mods will allow consumers to transform their mobile device into anything they need it to be. At an exclusive press event, I was introduced to a variety of the latest Moto Mods – which included the JBL SoundBoost speaker; the Insta-Share Projector; Power Packs from Incipio; and the Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod.

In addition to these Mods, Lenovo also introduced a new member to the Moto Z family… the Moto Z Play. When taking a closer look at the Moto Z Play Mods, I found that they snap onto the back of the new devices via magnetic pins. Once snapped on, each mod sits firmly in position. During the press briefing it was also revealed that a developer kit is in the works. This ultimately means that devs can just about design any Moto Mod they can think of… From Pokemon trackers to heart-rate scanners… the possibilities are endless.

Samsung Gear S3 SmartwatchSamsung Gear S3 Smartwatch
The latest Smartwatch from Samsung comes in the form of the Gear S3. While I quite liked the Gear S2, the gear S3 is most definitely a worthwhile upgrade. The Gear S3 features a larger form factor in order to accommodate the larger battery, bigger screen, and chunkier body. The Gear S3, much like most devices should be these day, is water-resistant and features an always-on display. Samsung didn’t stop there… to add to the specs this beautifully crafted device features LTE connectivity and a built-in GPS.

The Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch will be available in two designs to suit different users’ lifestyles: frontier and classic. Inspired by the active explorer, the Gear S3 frontier evokes a rugged outdoor look with an enduring style that blends form and function. The frontier was designed to perform in any setting or environment – whether business or leisure. The Gear S3 classic pays homage to the minimalist, elegant style found in the most iconic timepieces. The classic was designed with meticulous attention to detail – with its size and shape chosen to attain the same consistency and balance of a well-crafted luxury watch.

Acer Predator 21 X Curved Gaming LaptopAcer Predator 21 X Curved Gaming Laptop
At IFA 2016 Acer unveiled its new Predator 21 X gaming laptop, which according to the company is the world’s first curved screen notebook. The Predator 21 X takes the flagship spot in Acer’s gaming notebook series and is, according to the company, advanced beyond anything on the market today. It’s the world’s first notebook to offer a curved 21-inch IPS display (2560 x 1080), and when combined with wide-angle viewing, it delivers an immersive gaming experience.

To bring gameplay immersion to the next level, the notebook also integrates Tobii eye-tracking technology for a new method of control that’s more intuitive and natural. Built-in eye-tracking hardware (infrared sensors and software) unlocks a completely new facet in gaming. By tracking a gamer’s eye with software, the notebook introduces new interactions like aiming, identifying enemies and taking cover simply by gazing at objects on the screen. Eye tracking also enhances the experience by providing infinite views whilst navigating treacherous paths and roads in a game.

With 7th Generation Intel Core processors and dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards in SLI, the Predator 21 X is expected to take the AAA gaming experience to new heights.

Edited By: Darryl Linington
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