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Until Dawn Review Darryl Linington
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The latest survival-horror title, which has been developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Until Dawn has finally been released upon the world… and to be honest, it’s pretty freaking bone-chilling.

The game itself follows a group of eight cliche teens who find themselves trapped on a remote mountain retreat. At first, the group of teens shrug off their predicament and opt to engage in various, how can I say, adult orientated activities until they finally realise that they are in real jeopardy when a crazy person starts hunting them down one by one.

To add to their predicament, the group find themselves uncovering the mystery of the disappearance of their two friends, who went missing at the exact same mountain retreat, a year prior. While Until Dawn definitely nails its storyline on the head, the horror gets even more extreme once a few supernatural elements get throw in.

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Overall, when it comes to story, Until Dawn is an action packed thrill ride that will leave your heart pumping and your pulse racing, that’s if you like horror that is. While the game features an all-star cast, it’s gameplay mechanics tend to steal the lead role. Until Dawn falls into the same line of titles like Heavy Rain, Life Is Strange and Beyond: Two Souls. These titles forced players to choose from a selection of in-game decisions, which ultimately affected the overall outcome of the storyline. This often results in different players receiving different endings at the end of a game, depending on how they played it. While Heavy Rain did this rather well, Until Dawn kicks things up a notch by introducing the Butterfly Effect gameplay mechanic.

The new mechanic essentially changes the outcome of certain events depending on a players choice. Until Dawn essentially only gives the player two choices to choose from. For example, run to the left and try to escape that way, or run to the right and try and hide. Do you open up a hatch and have your neck snapped… or do you proceed by avoiding the hatch and rejoining your group? There are many choices to make in Until Dawn, and while they start off easy enough, they become much darker the further you progress.

As you may know by now, you can either save everyone in the group… or ultimately kill everyone. This is what makes Until Dawn so riveting to play… your decisions determine the outcome of the game. While I was a bit skeptical that the Butterfly Effect gameplay mechanic was more of a gimmick, it seems as though Supermassive Games has actually pulled it off rather well.

Until Dawn also features a vast amount of Quick Time Events; however, it also lets the player take control of each and every character in order to explore its deep, dark, and sinister world. Speaking of a deep, dark, and sinister world… Until Dawn is a breathtakingly beautiful game. Everything from cable car ride up to the retreat to the visually striking snow filled forest has been designed with great attention to detail. Even the character models have had quite a fair amount of work put into their facial expressions, clothing, and even the way that they walk.

While the character models and set pieces are great… just be warned, that even though this game has an A-class list of celebrities playing each character, the acting is slightly under-par. Granted, the acting suits the theme of the game… you know the theme where a bunch of teenagers set out to drink, have sex and play the fool, but eventually get the hell murdered out them theme (yes that is the best way I could describe it). This means that even though the acting is sub-par, it still gels rather well with what Until Dawn sets out to do, which is scare the pants off of anyone who plays it. Even the musical score is out to get your belt buckle loosened.

Until Dawn Review

Until Dawn is a great title. It will hands down scare the pants off of anyone who plays it, which is what it sets out to do, and ultimately does so well. While the voice acting is under-par, it still manages to stick to the theme of the game. Overall, Until Dawn is a visually striking, must play title with a great, even though it gets a bit sidetracked, storyline.

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